Avon Marketing Tips

Recruiting Ideas

Build Your Business Like A Boss

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Business Building Tips:

  • Pass out Avon brochures, flyers & business cards everywhere you go
  • Call 5 customers and tell them why you think they would be amazing Avon Representatives
  • Hold an open house or Avon party
  • Include a flyer or business card in your bill payments and outgoing mail
  • Set up a recruiting display at a mall or parking lot
  • Create an online recruiting party
  • Send out a press releases, online or in your local paper
  • Have a recruiting booth at your school, church or job fair
  • Sponsor a local sports team for advertising
  • Have a monthly recruiting meeting at your home or local coffee shop
  • Connect with your neighbors via online community sites like nextdoor.com
  • Wear a 'Learn about Avon' button on your coat or shirt. Log into youravon.com and visit Town & Country to order Avon branded marketing materials
  • Share the business opportunity with everyone you meet while grocery shopping, getting your nails done, having your car washed, aso.
  • Call people that said they'll call you back and never did
  • Set realistic goals and review them regularly!

AVON Leadership

The Avon business model offers extensive mentoring programs, incentives and leadership advancements!

Every Representative has a personal mentor assigned to him or her. Your mentor/team leader will help you get your Avon business started.

He or She will guide you, from placing your first order to reaching as many leadership goals as you are willing to work for. Avon also provides you with detailed and interactive online training, workshops and webinars!

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Leadership Path

The incentives begin when you place your first Avon representative order by your expected campaign date. 

The following leadership achievement titles are available:

  • Promoter
  • Star Promoter
  • Bronze Ambassador
  • Silver Ambassador
  • Gold Ambassador
  • Bronze Leader

Share the passion you have for Avon, invite others to see how the Avon opportunity can work for them and start building a team of yourself.

Learn how to take the business you love to the next level!


  • Bonuses for recruiting, sponsoring and mentoring as you build your team
  • You get Bonuses on team sales as you help your team succeed
  • Bonuses for moving up in title as you continue your own success
  • And other cash rewards!

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