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5 Free Marketing Tools To Finally Try In 2020

2020 Marketing Tools For Small Business Owners

Online marketing can help any business, no matter the size, especially if used properly. Social media marketing tools are a must-have for every business in this day and age. Many tend to change over time, and not necessarily for the better, but there are a few tried and true marketing tools that have been around for…

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Instagram Stories With StopMotion

StopMotion feature for Instagram Stories

Instagram will roll out a new feature for Stories.  The feature is called “StopMotion” and essentially allows users to ghost the frame being captured with the previous frame taken. Stop motion isn’t new to Instagram, it just has never been available for stories before. What is interesting about this story feature is the ability for users…

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12 Ideas To Market Your Small Business Part 2

How to market your small business

More ideas to market your small business with little or no money. Having a tiny budget to market your business can make it hard to attract the attention of potential customers, but it is certainly not impossible. This is the 2nd part of a mini series! Read Part 1: How To Market Your Small Business On A…

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Social Media Success Tips

Social Media tips for small business owners

Promoting your small business on social media is a learning process! Check out these social media success tips to drive sales and take your business to the next level. We all have to start somewhere! Let’s start by thinking of yourself as an “influencer”. You are someone who is able to influence others to make…

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3 Common Advertising Mistakes You Must Avoid

3 Common Advertising Mistakes

Learn about online advertising and common mistakes. Common advertising mistakes are easy to overcome when you know what you are doing. Creating valuable online ads can be tricky, but it certainly isn’t impossible! My good friend and fellow online marketer, Jeff Meland, has been guiding small business owners through the process of building online adverting…

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Choosing Hashtags For Small Business Owners

How to use small business hashtags for effective social media marketing

Social media marketing tips for small business owners. Using the correct small business hashtags will help entrepreneurs, including Avon Reps, build a following on social media. Otherwise it can be very slow and frustrating to get results. Learn about which small business hashtags to use and tips for social media marketing to get the most traction and followers.…

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How To Get Customers From Facebook

How to get customers from Facebook

Find tips on how to market your business on Facebook. Getting customers from Facebook is not an easy tasks. It takes a well thought out strategy, a bit of time and some know-how to truly engage your customers. One of my Tour de Force team members asked me the following question the other day: “What can I…

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Top 10 Avon Selling Ideas

Top 10 Selling Ideas For Avon Reps.

Ideas to take your Avon business to the top! The Avon selling ideas outlined in this article should be part of your action plan for success. Do you want more sales? How about finding new recruits to join your team? Think about Avon as a business and plan every day. Hold a book party with…

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5 Social Media Marketing Essentials

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing should be effective, affordable, and help grow your business. Your marketing results are going to be minimal at best if you broadcast your message to the wrong audience. To help you execute a successful social media marketing campaign try to dedicate some time to learn how social media works. There are a lot of social…

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