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Iconic Holiday Gifts From Avon

Shop Avon online for unique holiday gifts

Unique holiday gift finds for everyone in your family. Finding the perfect holiday gifts is getting harder every year. That’s what it seems like to me anyway. Online shopping has become so easy and convenient that it’s almost impossible to surprise our loved ones with unique gifts anymore. Need a Holiday gift idea? Find just the right thing for…

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Bug Free Outdoor Fun Day And Night

Keep Pesky Bugs At Bay

Don’t let pesky bugs like mosquitoes and ticks spoil your outdoor activities. The weather is warming up once again and you deserve bug free outdoor fun with your family and friends. With Avon’s impressive line of Bug Guard Plus products you will be protected from even the most active pests. No more canceling your outdoor…

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Fall For Paris Fashion Collection

Just in time for Fall, limited edition fashion collection inspired by the romantic streets of Paris. Fall For Paris is a wonderful fashion collection with beautiful heavier tweed and ponté fabrics. These mix and match pieces offer seasonal colors and prints perfect for autumn. All of the Avon specials and fashion collections in this campaign…

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Avon Kids Products

Avon kids having fun in the tub.

Woohoo!! Avon Kids bath and body products are back! The long awaited Avon kids products are finally available through your Representative again. Kid approved colors, scents and textures! Avon’s Bubble Trouble bubble-bath, super frothy bath wash, soapy slime body cleanser, Hocus Pocus lotion, and Triple Threat sampoo, conditioner & detangler. All kids products are toxin-free…

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Distressed Cropped Girlfriend Jeans

Comfortable slouchy denim jeans made just for you. Cropped girlfriend jeans are the perfect look this summer! Avon’s distressed blue jeans with five-pocket details, fringes around the ankles and zipper/button closure will be your next go to pants. Dressing head to toe in easy-breezy styles. It’s easy to do, and meant for summer fun, with the…

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How To Contour & Highlight

How to contour and highlight in four easy steps

Contour and highlighting techniques, beauty tips and product info. How to contour is a beauty essential to shape, define, and highlight for naturally enhanced features. You can create higher cheekbones, a slimmer jawline or narrow your nose. Get inspired by the latest beauty trend for a naturally enhanced look! There are a ton of beauty tutorials…

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Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus

Fight bugs with Avon's Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus

It’s bug season my friends! Not to worry though, I’ve got you covered with America’s #1 Deet-free bug repellent – Bug Guard Plus. Avon’s Skin So Soft repellent will protect you and your family from bugs and bites for up to eight hours. Pesky bugs can ruin a family picnic, hike, or trip to the…

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Exclusive Travel Bags From Avon

Fun travel bags by Avon

Avon travel bags to carry you away in style. Travel like a fashionista with these super cute and trendy travel bags covered in Avon’s exclusive beauty print. Wherever your adventures might take you, travel smart and stylish with these go-anywhere favorites. Avon’s stylish travel bags are a must have for Representatives and beauty lovers alike.…

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Avon Prima Perfume

Perfume Prima and Prima Noir by Avon

Avon’s Perfumes are beautiful fragrances I would love for you to try. Avon Prima Perfume is available in two different scents. You can choose from the elegant Prima, a light blend that’s perfect for day. For night time wear try Prima Noir, a mysterious blend that’s made for women of all ages. If you love…

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Sterling Silver Avon Jewelry

Sterling Silver Sales and Special Offers

Avon’s Sterling Silver jewelry has stood the test of time! I love Sterling Silver Jewelry! Just the other day I was talking to a lady while admiring her beautiful jewelry. It was hard for me to belief that the beautiful ring she wore was over 40 years old, and that it was originally purchased through…

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