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Why You Should Attend Your Network Marketing Convention

Build Like A Boss Avon Rep Meeting

I’m looking forward to my first company convention. Your own network marketing convention is an important part of building your business. My husband and I started our own Avon business only six months ago, but we knew right away that we would attend Avon’s Repfest, no matter where it was being held. Sadly we missed the…

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Avon Recruiting Ideas You Need To Know

Recruiting Ideas That Work

You can’t build a successful Avon business by relying on your friends and family. There are a ton of Avon recruiting ideas you need to know about for your business to develop, but what works for me, might not work so good for you. It all depends on your personality and drive. Rejection makes a…

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How To Deal With Fear Of Rejection

Tips to overcome your fear of rejection

Rejection is why a lot of small businesses fail. Fear of rejection is the #1 reason why so many small businesses, including Avon businesses, fail in the first year. You would think it was a lack of money, recruits or customer, but actually that’s not the case. Once you solve your rejection problem, a lot…

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Top 10 Avon Selling Ideas

Top 10 Selling Ideas For Avon Reps.

Ideas to take your Avon business to the top! The Avon selling ideas outlined in this article should be part of your action plan for success. Do you want more sales? How about finding new recruits to join your team? Think about Avon as a business and plan every day. Hold a book party with…

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Avon Table Event Tips

Events are very important for growing your Avon business. An Avon table event is a very easy and fun way to reach out to more customers and potential recruits. As an Avon Representative it is important that you spread the word about your small business to as many people as you can. You can set…

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6 Work From Home Tips

Due to our connected world, it’s becoming easier and easier to work from home. These work from home tips will definitely help you succeed in your small business. How do some of the most successful Avon Reps do it? In the following article, first posted on the Avon Blog, they have caught up with two…

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Avon Website Visitor Counter And Analytics

Website analytics tips for Avon Reps

Get the most out of your Avon website. Avon Website Analytics is very important! Every active Avon Representative has a custom website provided to them, free of charge. This website is a great tool to sell Avon products online, across the country. You are not limited to selling Avon products to your friends, family member…

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4 Character Traits Of Successful Business Owners

Character traits for business success

Do you have what it takes to succeed in business? Character traits for business success! When you compare the entrepreneurs behind successful small businesses, a handful of character traits rise to the top. Of course, there may be hundreds of other remarkable character and personality traits that define your favorite successful small business owner. For today,…

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