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Avon Reps A Look Ahead To 2020

Avon in 2020

See all the exciting plans and updates coming to your Avon business. Avon in 2020 – Over the last few months Avon tried to make the business you love even more beautiful. You’ve seen the new rewards and perks, exclusive collaborations, best-in-class training and even new print advertising to support your business. They are more…

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Avon Convention 2020

Sign up for the 2020 Avon Convention

Avon’s yearly convention will be in San Antonio in 2020. The Avon convention, also known as Avon Repfest, is a yearly event that lasts for 3 days and draws about 5,000 or more Avon Representatives from around the county. New Avon Reps – take a look at our Repfest Recap and watch the short YouTube…

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4 Money Saving Tips For Avon Reps

Never too early to save money with Avon.

I hope this finds you well and stirs profitable, money making ideas. Let’s talk about four of your Avon’s President’s Recognition Program perks.  Shipping, demos, demo limits and rebates.  Today, right now, you can place a demo order for any item in the What’s New book.  Let’s say, you use those demos along with the…

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Avon Perks For Representatives

Avon Perks For Avon Reps

Have you heard about the new Avon Discount Program? Avon Perks is a discount program specifically created for Representatives to save on products like groceries, movie tickets, insurance, office products and much more. This discount program site, hosted by PerkSpot, has many different categories to choose from. Most Popular Categories for Avon Representatives Travel Tickets &…

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Finley The Fox Fundraising

Finley the Fox Fundraising

Let’s get fundraising Avon Reps! Do you want to up your sales while giving back to your community? Set up an Avon fundraiser! It’s easier than ever and will help with earning incentives, too! Fundraising Fun Fact: More than half of customers shopping an online fundraiser are new to Avon and spend an average of…

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How To Become An Avon Rep

How to become an Avon Rep FAQ

Avon’s most Frequently Asked Questions.  Are you thinking about supplementing your income in time for the upcoming holidays? Maybe you’re ready to quit your boring 9-5 job and want to give network marketing a try? Learn about how to become an Avon Rep and get answers to the most frequently asked questions. How much does…

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Top 10 Avon Words For New Reps

Top 10 Avon words every Rep needs to know.

Ready to start your own Avon business? Learn the lingo for maximum success. As you begin your journey with Avon you have to understand the lingo. Knowing the following 10 definitions will make you feel and sound like a confident beauty boss. Take a look at the following ten words before you unpack your Avon…

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How To Pay Avon

New Rep Resources - Learn how to pay Avon

Best practices on how to pay Avon. Congratulations on starting your own Avon business fellow beauty boss! This is a very exciting new step in your life. All new Avon Reps are now automatically integrated into the new YourAvon 2.0 platform. This will make your life easier and your business run smoother. Avon asks new…

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7 Tips For Onboarding Sales Reps

Tips for successfully onboarding new sales reps

Your process for welcoming members to your team has a major impact. Onboarding sales reps is important! It delivers the training and coaching your team needs to become trusted advisers and effective sellers. It’s my personal goal as an Avon team leader to make sure that all the members of my team reach their goals as…

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