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New Avon $10 Starter Kits

Learn about Avon’s limited time recruiting incentives! $10 Starter Kit!! Wow, this is the time to join Avon and to build your own team!! Avon’s Share the Love Starter Kit is the perfect way to start a new Avon business. For a limited time from Wednesday, July 11, 2018 to Monday, August 6, 2018, this starter kit is…

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Why You Should Attend Your Network Marketing Convention

Build Like A Boss Avon Rep Meeting

I’m looking forward to my first company convention. Your own network marketing convention is an important part of building your business. My husband and I started our own Avon business only six months ago, but we knew right away that we would attend Avon’s Repfest, no matter where it was being held. Sadly we missed the…

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BLAB About Avon Winner

Build like a boss scratch off ticket revealed

Avon loves incentives and giving away prizes! BLAB about Avon is one of three new incentives that will help all Avon Representatives earn more than ever before! Earn big rewards when you Build Like A Boss! Current Avon Reps can get all the information on Are you new to the Avon business opportunity? Scroll…

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