Instagram Stories With StopMotion

StopMotion feature for Instagram Stories

Instagram will roll out a new feature for Stories. 

The feature is called “StopMotion” and essentially allows users to ghost the frame being captured with the previous frame taken. Stop motion isn’t new to Instagram, it just has never been available for stories before.

What is interesting about this story feature is the ability for users to capture a video without actually recording anything at all. So… if you struggle with mastering video content, this new feature may be the savior you were looking for.

Be sure to read on to find out what else is new with Instagram…

Now, take a look at this cool stop motion creation on Instagram by flexsleep, a French linen bedding company out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Simple, yet effective!

stop motion example on Instagram

Getting back to the upcoming stopmotion feature for Instagram stories.

Ms. Jane Manchun Wong @wongmjane uncovers unreleased features before they become relevant. She first mentioned Instagram’s new Stopmotion Story Camera Mode on Twitter in June, 2019.

This feature could easily be used by brands and small business owners like yourself. You could capture images of a product from many different angles.  Another way to use ‘stopmotion’ by a person is to show off a favorite outfit from different angles or highlight the different ingredients of a recipe.

Attention AVON Reps: You can find ready made short videos and stop motion clips, like this one for Magix Tint, in youravon account under the ‘Avon Social’ section.

Currently, it has been stated that the Instagram StopMotion feature will only allow up to 10 frames. This may be adapted in the future.

You can hopefully expect to see the ‘stopmotion’ icon in your Stories option soon. 

Are you looking for an easy way to use stop motion videos on your Instagram page now? Check out this article on Later: How to Create Animated Instagram Stories: 8 Apps To Make It Easy

New – Instagram Scheduling Option

You can now schedule your Instagram posts directly through a platform-operated app – Facebook Creator Studio. It brings together all the tools you need to effectively post, manage, monetize and measure content across all your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. . 

For a while now, Instagram scheduling has been a growing desire for content creators. However, they have had to look to third-party apps like Later to fill the gap that Instagram had left wide open. On top of the headache of finding the right third-party to choose, Instagram had previously limited third-party systems’ capabilities within the platform.

Hurrah, those struggles are gone now. The new scheduling option allows you to clearly see what your post will look like once it is posted, allowing creators a sense of security in their scheduling.

Log in to Manage your social content with Creator Studio

Instagram has been rolling out the new feature to certain populations this past month. It appears to be becoming available to wider audiences soon. So if you have an Instagram Business Account linked to your Facebook Creator Studio, keep an eye out for this feature, if you don’t have it already!.

Do you have a business account on Instagram? Leave me a comment below.

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