Top 10 Avon Selling Ideas

Ideas to take your Avon business to the top!

The Avon selling ideas outlined in this article should be part of your action plan for success. Do you want more sales? How about finding new recruits to join your team?

Think about Avon as a business and plan every day. Hold a book party with your neighbors, do a fundraiser or set up a local event.

Be sure to incorporate Avon Social  (log into and click on Avon Social) to build your online community through various social media platforms as well.

Avon Selling Ideas for Avon Representatives

Getting Back To The Basics!

1 – Reach out to 3 – 5 customers or potential team members about your Avon business every day. This is easier than you might think! Talk to the person next to you in line at the bank, at a bus stop or the grocery store. Start out with an ice-breaker. Not sure how to do that? Give them a compliment, comment about the weather or just tell a little joke.

Ask the person if they would like some information about your business. For instance, “Have you seen an Avon brochure lately?” or “Are you looking to make some extra money?”. Just keep it simple and appropriate for the setting you’re in.

2 – Offer to enter your customers in a drawing. Here is an easy example: With every $50 order you place in Campaign 10 I will place your name in a drawing. The prize for the drawing can be for any Avon product(s) of your choosing. This is a good way to liquidate any over-stock you might have on hand already.

3 – Order extra Avon brochures. The brochure is your store front and you should always have some on hand. If you have 30 local customers than you need at least 100 brochures per campaign if you want to grow your business. You need to hand out these brochures to everyone you meet, as well as leave some in places with a lot of foot traffic (gas stations, laundry mats) and waiting areas (hair salons and doctors offices). The brochures don’t do you any good in your car or home office.

It’s a good idea to keep one brochure per campaign on hand, as a reference, you might get an order several weeks or months later.

4 – Label your brochures. Your Avon brochure presentation is important, take a look at my Avon Resources to learn more to get other Avon selling ideas. I also hand-write my name on the back of every brochure in case the label ever falls off.

Sell Avon and Make Your Dreams Come True

More Avon Selling Ideas!

5 – Include recruiting information. I include a slip of paper with my recruiting information in every brochure I hand out. Your recruiting information should also be accessible and with you everywhere you go.

Your information needs to be in the hands of people that you would like to have on your team. Hand out your info and get their name, phone number and email in return. Then be sure to follow up with them within 24 hours.

6 – Ask for referrals. Offer your existing customers a gift when they refer someone that places an order with you. It can be something small like a hand lotions or shower gel.

You should also ask everyone you meet for a referral. They might not want to buy or sell Avon themselves, but they might know someone that does.

7 – Always try to up-sell. If your customer orders a lipstick try to sell the matching nail polish, see the picture above. If they order an eye shadow, offer the make-up remover or a new mascara. A day cream? Offer the night cream to go with it. You get the idea!

8 – Point out the Avon Abox. This is probably the easiest way to upsell. With any $40 order they get an Avon Abox for only $10 more. Most Aboxes are valued at $35 or more and they change every campaign.

9 – Offer a special service. Ask your customers if they’re purchasing for an upcoming Birthday or Anniversary. Point out some nice pieces of Avon jewelry and offer to gift wrap free of charge.

10 – Always follow up. It’s important that you always follow up with your customers and potential recruits. They want to hear from you!

Send out Thank You cards, surprise your repeat customers with a small gift and reach out once in a while… just because.

Avon is all about networking, in real life and online! 

I hope this article filled with Avon Selling Ideas has been helpful to you.

Contact me for more information and leave a comment with your favorite selling ideas below.

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