How To Get Customers From Facebook

How to get customers from Facebook

Find tips on how to market your business on Facebook.

Getting customers from Facebook is not an easy tasks. It takes a well thought out strategy, a bit of time and some know-how to truly engage your customers.

One of my Tour de Force team members asked me the following question the other day: “What can I do to get more customers from Facebook?” 

This is an excellent Facebook marketing question. Thank you Chasity, I’m very excited that you’re willing to work on improving your online business presence. Read on to learn how to reach a wider audience with social media.

Quotes make great Facebook posts for businesses

Inspiring Quotes Make Great Facebook Posts

As we all know, there isn’t a magic wand you can wave around to get people to buy from you via Facebook. 

People in general are not on Facebook or any other social media site to purchase items, they want to connect with people, share stories, get positive social feedback and be entertained.

There are proven, tested ways for any business to be successful on Facebook. Learn how to connect with your audience online and ultimately they will buy from you. It just doesn’t happen overnight.

Getting Customers From Facebook

6 expert tips for Facebook marketing:

– Think about the most common questions and issues you hear from your customers, use that as a guide for posting content that’s relevant to them.

Create live videos to show off a certain product, make-up techniques, offer great ideas, helpful advice, etc. Everybody loves videos!

– Make “your” posts about your current customers whenever you can, and when you can’t, make your posts as personal and social as possible.

– Join local Facebook groups that are relevant to your business, this will help you connect with local people and potential customers.

– Adhere to the 80/20 rule, 80% of your content should be fun/interesting or whatever makes you happy, and only 20% is about products and your business.

Post good quality content as consistently as possible! For Avon Reps, the ‘Avon Social’ interface in has great content for that. You can schedule posts for several weeks ahead of time.

Not an Avon Rep? No worries, HootSuite is a great social media scheduling app for you to use. Learn how and why you should schedule Facebook posts ahead of time.

The key to asking for business on Facebook is to have it a regular, yet low key, part of your posting schedule.

Of course, you can also buy advertising on Facebook by boosting posts or creating ads. It’s an added expense, and unless you know what you’re doing, its too easy to spend money without any gain in return. In order to make advertising on Facebook work, you need to understand your audience, and how to set up the ads correctly (by age group, interests, etc).

Facebook and social media webinar for Avon Reps

Check out the 8-part video training series by Scott Kramer, a popular keynote speaker on all things social, Avon’s social media consultant and president & CEO of Multibrain. This webinar series will help you understand social marketing better:

Avon’s online University (AVON U), available through your account in, also has a lot of good material to help you set up your social media pages and tips on learning how to sell online.

All in all, to get customers from Facebook you need to connect with people and just be yourself.

Tell your visitors why you’re selling Avon, what gets you excited/sad/upset, ask questions and interact. Getting customers to buy from you via Facebook and social media will come with time.

Happy Facebook marketing!

What’s working for you to reach more customers on Facebook? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. James on June 14, 2018 at 12:38 pm

    I have always felt that people on Facebook stay on Facebook. Clicking on links that take them away from it seems a bit strange. They have taken time to catch up with friends and family and find out what happening with them. Finding customers is a thin line between blatant selling and just casually informing everyone as to what you’re doing. They tell you to just be yourself. That is exactly what I’ve done. No more sales gimmicks or buy now buttons. Everything is genuine. If there’s a free shipping day I’ll mention it. FREE shipping today only. No goofy “act now” lines. I’m excited and if it interests them then they’ll join me.

    • Silke Jager on June 14, 2018 at 4:23 pm

      You are so right James! Thank you for your comment. As you stated already, gimmicks and ‘salesy talk’ doesn’t work on social media. To quote David Weinberger, a technologist, professional speaker and commentator, “Transparency is the new objectivity”.

      I wish you much success with your business endeavor.

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