Why You Should Attend Your Network Marketing Convention

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I’m looking forward to my first company convention.

Your own network marketing convention is an important part of building your business. My husband and I started our own Avon business only six months ago, but we knew right away that we would attend Avon’s Repfest, no matter where it was being held.

Sadly we missed the network marketing convention in our home state of Tennessee in 2017. We were still traveling in Germany then and didn’t even think about Avon as a business.

Even though I have not been to a network marketing convention before, I have attended several networking workshops. It was very interesting to be able to talk to fellow Representatives and hear stories of people that have been with Avon for over 20 years.

Network marketing all about social engagement!

I met an Avon lady at a small workshop in Memphis a while ago. She was a single mom and was able to not only put food on the table by selling Avon, but also sent both kids to private school and college.

Wow! She told us how she was able to take her kids on several all-expense paid cruises, she also won many incentives and other prizes from Avon over the years. Now if that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is?

A few more reasons why you must attend your Network Marketing Company’s convention.

Silke Jager at an Avon workshop

1) Learn From Top Leaders.  All of the successful, high-earning people inside your network marketing company attend their annual convention. If you have that many successful people in one room don’t you want to be there as well? You will have the chance to learn what is working, and what isn’t, from others inside your industry.

2) You Learn New Skills. Hello FREE training! You will attend training sessions that are being held by some of the best of the best in the industry.  Most network marketing conventions bring in guest speakers who you can learn from for free.

Tickets to see these ‘celebrities’ can run upwards of $200, here you get it bundled with the price of admission!

Barbara Corcoran guest speaker at Avon's 2018 network marketing convention

Avon’s network marketing convention guest speaker in 2018 – Barbara Corcoran

3) Get A Swag Bag. Celebrate Christmas in July when you receive your swag bag filled with $150 worth of products. You’ll be one of the first to learn about new product releases, learn about new beauty and fashion trends and be able to try out the products for yourself.

4) Build Your Beliefs.  After you attend your annual network marketing convention you will have a bigger belief in your company, products and yourself. This is super important for you and your business!

Highlights in the Heartland at Avon’s Repfest 2018

You gotta be at RepFest 2018 for Avon-style fun, learning, friendship, and celebration.

  • Experience the best of the Midwest in Columbus, Ohio – there’s great food, historic neighborhoods, nearby adventures at King’s Island, tons of fun at the Ohio State Fair, and so much more!
  • A-list entertainment like the Rascal Flatts and Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran
  • Exclusive promotions and incentives for attendees—there’s Double Dollars in C19 and Avon’s Heart of it All Incentive
  • Swag bag filled with Avon’s best ($150 value!)
  • Learning, development, and training
  • First look at new products for Fall and Holiday
  • Celebration and recognition with your Avon friends and family

Incentives of attending Avon Repfest 2018

Now that you know why you must attend your network marketing convention, sign up for yours today!

You will not be disappointed! If you’re like me, you will walk away with a pocket full of business cards, having made amazing connections with fellow Reps and created a plan of attack that will help you grow your business in the coming year.

Attn. Avon Reps – $49 to bring a guest to RepFest!

You read correctly! Now you can bring your friends and potential recruits to the biggest event of the year for just $49! Get up close and personal with the Avon products you love – including the brand-new ones – in the largest Product Expo ever!

Become a social media powerhouse with training on how to maximize your social presence and discover how to sell, recruit and grow your Avon business with Espira!

Have you been to a Network Marketing Convention before? Send me an email or leave a comment below.

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