How To Have A Successful Vendor Booth

Create A Successful Vendor Event

You signed up for an event, now learn how to make the best of it.

Getting ready to set up a vendor booth is exciting and can be nerve wrecking at the same time, especially if it’s your fist one. We’re heading into county fair season so now is a good time to learn how to effectively use these types of events to build your direct sales/home business. 

No matter if you’re an Avon Rep or selling hand-made crafts, the following vendor booth tips will help you save money, get prepared and set up for a successful event.

Find tips for pre-event planning, the day of and what to do after the event is over.

How to have a successful table event.

Pre-Event Preperations

You have made an investment by purchasing a spot at your upcoming event. It is important that you will be able to recoup your money so let as many people as possible know about your vendor booth ahead of time.

Send a personal invitation to your local friends, family members, current and past customers.

Spreading the word via email is always an effective means of communicating! If you have mailing addresses for your customers, great! You can cost effectively create post cards or flyers using your own computer and printer. VistaPrint has post card offers in limited quantities for under $10.

Don’t make this common advertising mistake and forget to include a ‘Call To Action’. For example, “Bring this post card (or flyer) to the event for a special gift or 10% off your purchase.

Take advantage of your social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Promoting your small business on social media is a learning process! So take a minute to check out my Social Media Success Tips. Free event advertising sites are also available to promote your presence at the upcoming event. 

Remember to follow up with an email reminder several days before your vendor event.

Your Plan Of Vendor Attack

  • Offer samples. Select one or two products to highlight at your event and then have enough on hand to allow attendees to sample. Samples are a great way to draw people to your table.
  • Keep your display simple and eye catching. An overladen table will simply confuse people.
  • Share on social media. Share pictures and even a short video of your table display and the vendor venue on your social media pages. Tag your city and fellow vendors for your local customer to find you. Learn how to use social media to drive sales.
  • Ask questions and interact with your customers! Make sure there is a reason for people to stop, and more importantly stay, at your booth. You need to find ways to overcome your fear of rejection, see link below, and talk to as many people as you can.  
  • Never sit behind your booth! You invested good money and serious time into your vendor booth. So work it by smiling at people and being friendly! 
  • Listen to your attendees. For example, you sell beauty products and your guest tells you she has sensitive skin. Immediately switch your plan of action to focus on your sensitive skin products.
  • Have a variety of handouts available. This could include business cards, catalogs, brochures, etc. Make sure your name and contact information is on ALL your handouts.
  • Collect information. Find a way to collect your table visitors information. Add everyone that made a purchase onto your electronic newsletter sign up sheet. Hold a giveaway at the end of the day and ask everyone that stops by your table to enter. Be creative, this can really pay off in the end.

The key to having a successful vendor booth is to remember that you need to find a way to stand out.

Build your table display upward by using self-standing signage or shelving to display your products. If shelving is not available, try stacking some products to create height and a 3D visual effect.

Have a dish of colorful wrapped candy at your table. It’s a great conversation starter! You can be even more creative by attaching your business card or slip of paper with your contact information to the candy.

How to have a successful vendor booth
Don’t be shy and interact with your customers.

You are in a sea of other vendors, direct sellers and retailers. Give people a reason to want to stop by your event table, to learn more about you, and the products/services you offer. 

AVON Reps… check out my 10 Avon Event Selling Tips

Last, but not least, walk around the vendor event and check out the other exhibitors. This is a great opportunity to network!

After The Vendor Event

If you followed my vendor attack tips above you should have a nice stack of giveaway entries and newsletter sign ups. Within the next couple of days, contact each and every one of them individually via email.

The goal is to establish a post-show relationship that may lead to future business. Thank them for stopping by your vendor booth, or for making a purchase, and always add another Call To Action.

Do you have other creative vendor booth tips? Please share below.

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