A Guide To Balance Work And Life

Find the perfect balance to work and life

Your mindset is crucial to achieving a lasting work/life balance.

Conventional wisdom tells us that to be successful we have to be willing to do “whatever it takes”. Being first at work in the morning and the last to quit at the end of the work day. Taking on a daunting workload and doing it better than anyone else.

You might also feel a constant pressure to sign the kids up for extra classes, create the perfect home office, or manage a move to a bigger house in a fancier suburb.

The typical idea of success involves significant time and personal commitment, and usually a good deal of stress. Of course we now know that this is a skewed way of looking at life.

It’s only one side of the coin – achievement without enjoyment.

Finding a lasting work and life balance
Your mindset is important to find the right work/life balance.

According to Mental Health America, one in four Americans say they are “super stressed”. One of the most important steps on the journey of self-discovery towards achieving a lasting work/life balance is having a look at our mindset around success.

If you think you might be stuck in the traditional way of thinking about success, start to evaluate your mindset by asking yourself these questions:

  • Does the business you work for measure success by how much time people spend at the office? Or is success based on getting tasks done on time?
  • If success is measured by time spent at the office, would you be willing to change the company you work for? How about the type of job you do in order to achieve a better work/life balance?
  • If completion of tasks is what matters, then what’s stopping you from changing how you spend your time?

As we’ve seen, balancing work and life is about giving achievement and enjoyment equal importance.

Although we can easily accept that a successful life includes achievement, it’s harder to accept that a successful life pays as much attention to enjoyment as it does to achievement. This is the not-so-secret secret to achieving lasting work/life balance.

It takes time and effort to break mental habits, and our mindset around success might be an especially hard one to break.

First, get the energy you need to make changes by boosting your energy levels naturally. Second, prioritize time for family, friends, and hobbies.

If you find that family, friends, and personal interests tend to be squeezed into what you’ve seen as the “achievement” areas of your life – in other words your job and career – then consider where you need more flexibility.

Is it your ideas of success that are causing the squeeze? Is it the culture of the company you work for? Depending on your discovery, you’ll know which steps you need to take next to have a better work/life balance.

Remember that you don’t have to enjoy or even like your job! But, you can enjoy the everyday aspects of it:

  • whether that’s building relationships with your co-workers
  • helping out a grateful customer
  • color-coding the filing system
  • or learning a new skill that’s turned out to be more enjoyable than you first thought

By continuously prioritizing enjoyment as activities on your to-do list, you’ll be well on your way to achieving and managing a better work/life balance.

Life coach, Rasheed Ogunlaru has this to say: “Always take some of the play, fun, freedom, and wonder of the weekend into your week and your work.”

Learn more about how to balance your work and life on my Avon website’s empowerment blog created for women of all ages.

Has your mindset helped you in finding a better work/life balance? Leave me a comment below.

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