Do You Time Your Purchases To Coincide With Sales?

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Why do your customers buy when they do?

I came across this marketing question about consumer behavior a few days ago on Feedspot and found the answers by my fellow online commentators very interesting. Do you buy a product out of habit, because it’s needed or maybe you think it’s a deal too good to pass by?

Figuring out your own customers buying habits is very important to the success of your small business.

It is hard to attract the attention of new potential customers, so why not learn all you can about your existing ones for repeat sales. One way to do this is simply ask the question either in person or via a free online survey like

Take a look at the following answers and turn consumer behavior into business success:

Consumer question and answer

Do Purchases Coincide With Sales?

Absolutely. If it’s an essential I need now, I won’t wait. But I might stock up during a sale. And for just fun items, I tend to wait for a sale or at least some kind of coupon. If I need something to go with an outfit (like a lipstick for a party), I might consider splurging, but I will only purchase that particular item. — Phoebe

I probably should, but I also stand by the “if I wouldn’t buy it full-price, I shouldn’t get it” unless it’s a staple product that I’ve finished before and know I like. Otherwise, I do not wait for sales because I inevitably add “that one thing I want to try randomly/impulsively” — Ann

Yes!! I mean almost everything goes on sale. I’ve finally figured out that certain brands have sales at same time every year, so I stock up on products then . If it’s a limited edition ( like urban decay’s game of thrones) then I definitely don’t wait, it still boggles my mind how fast they sell out. — Lisa

When it comes to skin care items, which tend to be very expensive, I definitely plan my restocking needs to correspond with sales. Since I use products generously, saving 20 – 25% is well worth a bit of planning on my part. As for color cosmetics, I only delay a purchase if there is a sale eminent, otherwise I just go ahead and buy the product at the time I want or need it. — Eileen

I buy most things during a sale unless it’s skincare/body care that I have run out of or a product I know I will use and love it. A sale does sometimes draw me in to look at products I was somewhat interested in before, but didn’t really take the time to look into or to justify the purchase of it at full price. I recently purchased Wayne Goss’s Anniversary Set II, when it went on sale during a random Beautylish sale since I wanted it for a while, but talked myself out of it due to the cost. I already own and love a bunch of his eye brushes so I decided it was now or never. If I am not interested in an item at all then I won’t pick it up even if it is on sale. — Naomi

Yes, unless…!

In conclusion, customer information is important, even for the smallest business owner. It seems like everyone is looking for a sale, unless it’s a product they really want or need.

How do you turn consumer behavior into business success? Take a closer look at your customers buying habits and follow up with products sales that will resonate with them on a regular basis.

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Do your own purchases coincide with sales? Leave me a comment below.

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