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Brochure Envelopes

Un-padded poly mailers are perfect for mailing Avon Brochures! They are inexpensive and will make your brochure stand out.

Simply attach a label to the patterned envelopes or write the address with a permanent marker on single color mailers.

Envelopes for Avon Brochures

Your Avon brochure will mail in a poly mailer for around $2.00 postage within the United States. Eye-catching mailers will guarantee that your brochures will be seen, opened and read!

Brochure mailers with cute patterns

100 - 6 x 9" Patterned Brochure Poly Mailers for $10.99

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Colored mailing envelopes for Avon brochures

100 - 6 x 9" Colored Poly Mailers for $11.05

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Do you need help placing your first order or want to order Avon product bags? Check out New Avon Rep Resources.

Office Supplies

Your customers will appreciate a Thank You card as a token of your appreciation for placing an order with you. I also include an Avon perfume sample with each card I hand or mail out.

Here is a nice collection of 4 x 6 inch Thank You cards, they're blank inside so you can write your own, personalized message.

Shop for Thank You cards in bulk

48 - Thank You cards your customers will appreciate for $11.99

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Colored paper for Avon Reps

Colored paper stock can be used for many different advertising purposes. You can make you own business cards, hand-outs, gift cards and so much more.

250 - Vibrant Multi-Colored Cardstock for $16.99

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Paper cutter

Paper Guillotine can be a life-saver when getting your brochures ready or for making your own card stock. 

Metal base plate Paper Trimmer Cutter for $38.00

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Little cups for making samples

60 clear Plastic Sample Containers for $7.99 on Amazon

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Labels for sample jars

You can make your own custom and personalized labels for all of your sample jars and cosmetic pots. Your samples will look professional with these round printed labels.

400 Professional waterproof Sample Jar Labels for $14.95.

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Avon Brochure Presentation

I like to add adhesive labels to the front & back of my brochures. As you can see on the back of this brochure, I can get all my contact information clearly printed and add crisp images on the labels. I like to switch up the images from time to time.

Silke Jager Avon Brochure Label

3,450 Easy to peel 1 inch Avery Adhesive Labels for $25.36.

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If you prefer to use a stamp, to save money on labels, here is a great DIY stamper from Amazon for $13.99.

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Brochure stamper to save money

The front label on my Avon brochures states:

For Express Delivery - Order Online

10% Off Your 1st Order

Use Code: 'WELCOME10'

The back label has all of my contact information and the link to my online store - www.YourAvon.com/silke *

(*enter your own Avon Reference Code behind the slash.)

I include a slip of paper that offers my customers my personalized service.

It states the following:

"Hi, I would love to offer you Avon's personalized service.... it tells my customers about the many benefits of why to sell Avon and how to get started... I look forward to hearing from you, Silke Jager"

Again, I list all of my contact information.

Lastly, I mark a special page in the brochure. Usually I like to highlight a perfume page that offers a 'scratch and sniff' or a page with a special or seasonal sales items.

An inexpensive way to mark your Avon brochure pages is to use colorful Stick-It Notes and cut them into thin little strips.

Alternate colors every campaign, mix it up and keep it fun!

Silke Jager's Avon Brochures

Important Avon Product Numbers

The products listed here are just a sample of the business tools Avon offers and that I use. Log into your account @ youravon.com and click on 'My Orders' to place an order for your Avon Rep marketing tools.

#464-734 - Avon Order Book in English - Free

#058-433 - Clear Brochure/Literature Bags - 50/$0.80

#621-474 - Popcorn Bags - Medium - 50/$1.15

#622-117 - Popcorn Bags - Large - 50/$1.25

#300-373 - Beauty For A Purpose Shopping Bag (Bi-lingual) Large 10/$2.50

#967-720 - Avon Shopping Bags English - Medium - 10/$2.25

#613-470 - Want To Be A Rep Cards - English - 5/$1.00

#613-465 - Want To Be A Rep Cards - Spanish - 5/$1.00

#417-335 - Espira Mini Booklet - English - $1 each

#416-912 - Espira Mini Booklet -  Spanish - $1.00 each

#006-381 - Ring Sizer - $2.99

#051-773 - Earring Backs - 5/$1.49

#277-548 - Jewelry Cleaner - $6.99


Join the Avon Tour de Force team

Avon Fees

Please Note: In April 2019 Avon raised their shipping fees by $1. At the beginning of 2020 the shipping rates changed yet again.

Brochure Prices Have Also Increased in 2020

Take a look at a current Avon Brochure for specials and deals! Time-tested makeup & skin care, trendy and fashionable clothes, shoes & jewelry, inspiring home decor and the new Espira health & wellness line of supplements.

Avon Events

Events are very important for growing your Avon business.

An Avon table event is a very easy and fun way to reach out to more customers and potential recruits. As an Avon Representative it is important that you spread the word about your small business to as many people as you can.

Learn how to set up for a table event.

For outdoor events a tent is a must-have to keep you and your products dry and safe. Here is a Commercial 10 x 10 Instant Canopy Display Tent with Wheeled Carry Bag & Full Walls for $279. 

It has a black powder-coated rust resistant steel frame with 100% nylon mold brackets and ships for free.  

Display tent for an Avon event

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Did you know? You don’t have to accumulate a ton of products before you hold your first Avon table event. And always remember, the fortune of a successful Avon business is in the follow up.  

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