Avon Tour de Force Team

Welcome to the team!

Congratulations on becoming an Avon Tour de Force Beauty Boss! Are you ready to make a great income with Avon? My husband Nick Jager and I are very happy that you decided to join Avon. Here’s to your success!

We are here to help you get started in your own Avon journey. As you have probably figured out by now, with Avon you’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

Watch our short introduction video and then take a moment to write down your WHY and what inspired you to become an Avon Representative:

Now… take a moment to reach out to us. Visit my Contact page and send us a message via email or Facebook. In order to best help you, we (your mentors) need to know what drives you so we can put a plan of success together.

Nick and I will provide you, our valued team member, with all the necessary tools and tips to become a successful Avon Representative. If you choose, and you should, we will help you to become a team leader as well.

Get started right now by logging into your Avon Rep account. Click on Avon U Training on the top left-hand corner and complete the Orientation module. It’s fun and easy!

I’m sure you know, as it’s true with any business, it takes hard work, dedication and consistency to become successful with Avon. 

Create a hand-written (it brings focus) list of your friends, family members and everyone you’ve been in contact with the last several years. This is one corner stone of your business!

Contact everyone on your list and let them know you have an Avon business.

You will build your business from this list with customers, referrals, getting helpers and possible team members. Add to this list as you meet new people and refer back to it on a regular basis.

Please read on to find the best ways to make your business successful…

New Avon Reps continue here:

3 Ways To Make Money With Avon

Before You Leave… Be sure to bookmark this site for future reference! You will find tips for selling Avon online, recruiting ideas to add members to your team, resources for mailing brochures, important Avon business product numbers and lots of useful tips to grow your business.

I publish new marketing and business articles on a weekly basis, so check back often!

Avon Tour de Force team members, please click the image below to take a look inside Avon’s distribution center in Ohio. This video tour will show you how your Avon orders are processes.

Tour of the Avon warehouse in Ohio

It’s up to you to make your Avon business successful!

Click the buttons below to find business tips & ideas and Rep resources…

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Resources for new Avon Reps.

Welcome to the Avon!

Be sure to visit my contact page and reach out to me via email or Facebook. Ask me any questions you might have and be sure to connect and interact with us on social media.

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