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About Avon

Avon has been in business for over 130 years now.

So you can be certain the company knows what they're doing. Avon is a company that not only brings beauty to millions of doors, but also opens them.

It's a company that speaks out against domestic violence, offers financial opportunities and supports more than 6 millions Representatives in over 100 countries.

With an ever changing inventory of beauty & skin care products, a men's line, fashion, accessories, home items, and now a complete line of health & wellness supplements. You are always in demand as an Avon Sales Rep.

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Please Note: It takes about 3 - 5 business days for your starter kit to arrive at your door.

Tips & Tools

  • Set Up Your Website - Personlize your Avon website while you're waiting for your starter kit. Include a profile picture, contact information, a friendly message and social links on your About page. Choose the modules that best fit your style. See my Avon website for an example.
  • Social Media - Find your 3 most favorite social media sites and promote your blog posts, Avon website pages, product pics and what ever makes you tick. Make it fun and stay consistent!
  • AVON Social - Consolidate your social media postings by using Avon's FREE automation sharing service.

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Testimonials For Silke Jager & AVON

Thank you so much Silke! You are an inspiring person and I am so grateful to be a part of your team. - Atayah J. 

Avon helped make my dream of traveling with my family come true. I joined Avon because it fits my life perfectly. - Desere K. 

Very impressed with how easy it was to order on line. Also, the quality of the items were better than I expected. It shipped to me in under 5 days and I got a free gift too! I will definitely buy from AVON again! - Steph J. 

I joined AVON last August and have been promoting my business full time ever since. Having the constant support of a wonderful District Manager and my fellow AVON Representatives has also contributed to my success. - Annette H.

Avon is not always easy… but that’s when I remind myself of all the successes I've had. My District Manager keeps me motivated and my friends love and support keep me aiming higher and higher. - Elizabeth S. 

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