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Build like a boss scratch off ticket revealed

Avon loves incentives and giving away prizes!

BLAB about Avon is one of three new incentives that will help all Avon Representatives earn more than ever before! Earn big rewards when you Build Like A Boss! Current Avon Reps can get all the information on

Are you new to the Avon business opportunity? Scroll down to learn more about the THREE current incentives Avon offers, but first, let’s watch this fun little video.

Nick and Silke Jager received  their BLAB About Avon scratch off ticket and will reveal their prize:

Avon Incentive 1 – Build Like a Boss

You’ll earn a BLAB scratch off ticket for every personal Qualified Recruit from Campaigns 1 to 10, 2018 – yes, every ticket is a winner! The more you recruit, the more prizes you’ll earn and there’s no limit!

Build your Avon business like a boss.

Here’s some of the prizes you can earn!

• Hot electronics like the iPhone X, iPad Mini, Amazon Echo Dot, Nintendo Switch.

• Yearlong prizes like free cell phone service, free Avon products, and free meals!

• Cash, gift cards, gadgets, and exclusive Avon swag.

• Exclusive social media consultations with Multibrain’s CEO and Social Selling Pro – Scott Kramer.

Two more reasons to BLAB about Avon.

Avon Incentive 2 – Earn $7,500 

Thinking about joining Avon? In addition to being able to earn $1,000 in your first 90 days with Avon’s KickStarter campaign, new Representatives who join before June 12th, 2018 can earn $7,500 in promotion bonuses before their six month anniversary with Avon!

As part of the Rapid Promotion Incentive, Avon will double your promotion bonus when you promote quickly.

Current Avon Reps, continue to talk about the Advanced Leadership program with your new Representatives, teach them to recruit and place consistent $200 orders. They payoff will be huge for you and your new recruits!

Build like a boss scratch off ticket revealed

Nick Jager blabs about Avon

Avon Incentive 3 – Rapid Promotion 

It pays to mentor. Bronze Leaders can earn up to $10,000 for developing your own Bronze Leaders in your team with Avon’s Bronze Leader Development incentive, This incentive is in addition to the $750 Mentor Bonus for each Bronze Leader you develop as part of the Advanced Leadership Program.

Wow! The new Rapid Promotion Incentive should motive your and your new Representatives to promote. Join my Avon Tour de Force team and learn all there is about the Avon network marketing opportunity.

Take advantage of these Avon incentives before they go away!

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