Avon Recruiting Ideas You Need To Know

You can’t build a successful Avon business by relying on your friends and family.

There are a ton of Avon recruiting ideas you need to know about for your business to develop, but what works for me, might not work so good for you. It all depends on your personality and drive.

Rejection makes a lot of people quit trying to build their own business. But… for certain people (myself included) they say ‘rejection breeds obsession’.

Find out how to overcome your fear of rejection and a lot of other issues, like not having enough recruiting prospects, will fall into place.

Take the time to test different strategies, techniques, and tactics in the field. You need to become obsessed with learning how to get people to tell you ‘Yes’, and don’t linger on the ‘No’s’. Look at my Avon recruiting ideas below to help you get started on the right track. Avon Recruiting Ideas That Work - Believe in yourself

3 Avon Recruiting Ideas

Check Your Body Language

Many of us, when it comes to prospecting, inviting, or recruiting others to our business opportunity either have no posture or come from a position of weak posture… as if we’re desperate for sales and recruits. Maybe you are a little desperate, but your body language should never reflect it!

Remember, each time you expose someone to your Avon business opportunity you’re doing them a favor!

You offer your recruits a chance to live their own dream lifestyle alongside you. You give them a way to make their own dreams possible. “You’re doing them a favor!” So, since you’re the one doing them a favor… act like it!

Learn about the body language of leaders. Walk and talk with confidence! Hold your head high, keep eye contact, push your chest out, sit up straight and have good posture.

Find A Mentor

As an Avon Representative you are lucky to be able to connect with many of your fellow sales consultants in person and online. You will also have a personal mentor, like myself,  assigned to you, as soon as you sign up to start your own Avon business.

Listen closely and plug into everything they have to offer. Extract everything you can from their brain, and implement what you learn into your own business consistently.

Your mentors don’t have to be local! You can connect with your mentor virtually and learn a ton from them. Connect over the phone, vial email and messaging. Subscribe to their email lists, watch training videos, and always ask questions.

Avon Recruiting Ideas, Inspire and Influence

Create A Presentation

As an Avon Representative we strive to inspire and influence the people around us by helping them create their own road to financial freedom. This Avon recruiting idea is about presentation. Not everyone has the same dreams and aspirations and it’s easy to loose sight of that at times.

In order for someone to join your Avon business opportunity without objections there needs to be a reason why they need to take action right away.

Your ‘Call To Action‘ has to be strong and laced with a sense of urgency. Please never be pushy or ‘salesy’ because it never, ever works! Instead, it’s important to structure and present your call to action with urgency and close correctly.

But, the best close and urgency in the world will not matter unless what you’re closing on is a solution to a problem your prospect has. The key is getting your prospect to share with you their problems and discover how you can help them.

You’re going to need to build some rapport, trust and credibility with your potential recruits before you start asking them the more serious questions.

Makeup with a paycheck - Learn how to join Avon

Frame your presentation in a strategic way that solves their problems and ends with a strong call to action that’s laced with urgency. 

The trick is you need to make sure you master building rapport, building trust and credibility, finding information, finding a problem, presenting a solution and presenting your call to action. This is not something you learn overnight, but it’s a process you will perfect over time, with lots of practice.

I hope you enjoyed my Avon Recruiting Ideas and gained some value from them. Feel free to share this article with anyone on your team and on social media.

Send me an email or leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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