7 Recruiting Ideas For Network Marketers

Recruiting Ideas For Successful Network Marketing Recruiting Ideas

Ideas to successfully recruit people to your team.

Recruiting ideas to help you build your team. Something few us consider when we’re looking to build our team is the fact that the day of the week you contact people really matters!

Most recruiters will try to contact potential recruits at the beginning of the week, but few will talk to them on Thursday or Friday, or even over the weekend.

Change up your routine and you might just reach a more willing to listen audience.

7 successful recruiting ideas for Avon Rep and network marketers

Recruiting ideas for network marketers to find new team member:

1 – Network instead of cold-calling

Most people are willing to have discussions with recruiters who have gotten their names from someone they know. Set a goal of having these referrals represent at least 50% of the people you reach out. Networking is not only huge online, but also in the real world.

2 – Focus on growth and satisfaction, not more money

Try to figure out what motivates your new team member to excel. Are there any roadblocks at their current job that’s impeding their progress? If you can overcome them, use these to get the person interested in continuing the conversation with you.

3 – Hold a local event

Host a special “bring a friend” meeting featuring a fun ice-breaker game, a brief orientation, and refreshments. Each potential recruit must bring a friend with them to the meeting. Offer door prizes and call or e-mail everyone after they have attended the event. Thank them for visiting and invite them to your next event.​​

4 – Target specific groups

Create a bulletin board display in a prominent place at your local college and hand out flyers to students in general business and management classes. Set up tables displaying your recruiting materials at the student activities fair and the freshmen orientation. Target groups that might be attracted to your specific network.

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5 – Share your successes

Publicize any awards you and your team members have won. Share any incentives or scholarships you’ve received in the past. People like to join groups and teams that are successful! Attend your annual Network Marketing Convention for social engagement.

6 – Create a survey

Survey your current team members to determine what benefits are most valuable to them. Emphasize on these benefits when creating your recruiting flyers and/or when speaking to your potential new recruit.

7 – Don’t give up

Talk to lots of people about what you have to offer. You never know ahead of time which person might be interested.  Keep in mind, experts say it takes ten calls to make one sale.

Make each of your prospective team members feel special.

Even if your potential recruits don’t sign up with you, make an effort to remember their names. Always smile and greet them by name when you see them again around town.

Remember, your enthusiasm is contagious and he or she might just change their mind later on and join your networking team.

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