Top 10 Avon Words For New Reps

Top 10 Avon words every Rep needs to know.

Ready to start your own Avon business? Learn the lingo for maximum success.

As you begin your journey with Avon you have to understand the lingo. Knowing the following 10 definitions will make you feel and sound like a confident beauty boss.

Take a look at the following ten words before you unpack your Avon starter kit and page through your brochures. Once you’re familiar with the lingo you can go ahead and begin your new business venture with confidence.

Avon lingo for new Reps

Must-Have Avon Lingo

1- Campaign

This is your two-week selling period. Avon has 26 Campaigns in a selling year with the selling year beginning anew each December. Each brochure corresponds to a campaign.

2 –

This is the website where you can place orders, make payments to Avon, read about Avon news, and access training via Avon U. You log in to the youravon website using your 8 digit Rep ID and the password you set up during your first visit.

3 – Online Store

This is your FREE personalized website and online store where your customers can shop with you 24/7 and have the order quickly shipped right to her home! Any purchases she makes are credited directly to you and factored into your earnings.

4 – Avon Social

Avon Social is a FREE app that lets you share pre-designed posts, videos and pictures about your Avon business through various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Avon Social posts get results!

5 – Representative Earnings

This is the difference between the retail prices listed in the brochure (the amount due from the customer) and the prices that you pay for the product.

6 – Incentives

Incentives are programs sponsored by Avon in which you can earn rewards for hitting certain targets. These rewards are in addition to your usual Campaign earnings.

Learn about Avon's Leadership Incentives

7 – Invoice

An invoice is the statement you receive in your order that includes accounting of all items ordered and billed, messages from Avon and the amount due with the next order.

8 – Mentor

The Sales Leader in a team who has personally recruited and appointed you. My husband and I are the mentors of the Tour de Force team.

9 – Leadership

The Avon Leadership opportunity provides an enhanced opportunity for your Avon business offering rewards and bonuses for building your team and increasing sales. Learn more about Avon’s leadership incentive program.

10 – Recruiting

The process of having a conversation about the benefits of joining the Avon team, up to and including completing the enrollment process and establishing an account.

Now that you’re familiar with Avon’s lingo and understand the top ten words it’s time to start selling.

Log into and continue your education in Avon U! Avon’s online learning program is easy to use and a lot of fun. Learn how to sell Avon products, earn badges, connect with your fellow Reps and find a ton of resources.

Do you have an Avon lingo question? Leave me a comment below.

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