Tips To Sell Avon Online

Tips and Tools To Sell Avon Online

Learn tips on how to sell Avon online successfully.

How to sell Avon online is an important lesson so you can make the most money possible. One of the greatest advantages of being an Avon Online Representative is the fact that you can service customers all over the United States. This is not your Grandma’s Avon! Your boundaries are limitless within the country you live in.

This will open your brand-new Avon business to a whole new market of customers. Your Avon website will be open for business 24 hours, 7 days a week, working hard for you. Even when you’re not working your business.

How To Sell Avon Online

“I love having online Avon customers! Servicing online customers requires very little time on my part.” – Silke

Working Silke's Avon business from home

When an Avon customer places an order on the website for direct delivery, Avon does all the work. They send out email confirmations, tracking numbers, etc. Best of all, you’ll still get the same amount of commission as you would selling person to person. It’s a nice gesture to say ‘thank you’ to your online customers after placing an order, and of course, help them if they have any issues with their order or products.

Take the right steps to promote your Avon business online, and in person, and you will see an increase in website visitors. Subsequently this will increase your Avon sales as well.

The first step to your own Avon success story is to sign up!

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Fill out the short online contract, pick your starter kit ($25, $50 or $100), and you’re an Avon Rep.

How To Sell Avon Online – Tips For Representatives:

  • Update Your Website – Set up your Avon website while you’re waiting for your starter kit to arrive. Include a profile picture, contact information, a friendly message and social links on your About page and choose the modules that best fit your style. See my own Avon website for an example.
  • Create A Blog – Write about your favorite Avon products, incentives, news or opportunities. Create awareness for your new business! Your articles will be indexed in the search engines and people will find your content. Make it fun and stay consistent!
  • Social Media – Find your 3 most favorite social media sites and promote your blog posts, Avon website pages, product images and what ever makes you tick. Again, make it fun and stay consistent. I personally prefer Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can consolidate your social media postings by using a free automation service like Buffer or Social Selling By Avon Social.
  • Bold Images – Stand out from the rest of the herd by creating your own eye-catching images. Your images will also be indexed, just like your blog pages, and can drive a lot of traffic to your selling website. Remember to include your website address within the images.
  • Business Materials – Create business cards, flyers, postcards, sticky notes, or whatever you can afford, and include your website address. Hand out your website address at every opportunity.
  • Videos – Start making your own videos promoting your website and yourself. You are the unique backbone of your business so find a way to bring this across to your potential customers. There’s no easier, more natural way than via video. Create a youtube video channel or make live Facebook videos.
  • Analytics – In order to learn about your Avon website visitors, find the number of clicks, their democratic (age, gender, etc.) and shopping habits, you need a way to track your website traffic. Google’s analytics is a powerful, free program you can set up right through the YourAvon representative site.
  • Email – Avon will generate emails for your existing customers to stay in touch and to try to get repeat orders. You might want to consider using a free email service as well though. This way you can contact potential customers and email leads from your blog and personal contact list. Mailchimp and Mailmunch are both very dependable providers and offer free accounts.

Check back to this article often for updates* – Avon Selling Tips!

Makeup with a paycheck - Learn how to sell Avon online

Your success depends on how much time and effort you can dedicate to your Avon business.

Therefore, try to implement 1 – 3 new sales and/or recruiting activities per week. Keep in mind, not every method will work the same for everyone. Be your own person and repeat the activities that have been successful for you and your business.

Just like any business endeavor, creating a successful online Store and selling Avon (either online or in person) takes time, perseverance and hard work. So, don’t give up right away. Keep trying, improving and learning. Like I said before, consistency is key!

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*updated 8/6/2019

How do you sell Avon online? Leave me a comment below.

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