7 Tips For Onboarding Sales Reps

Tips for successfully onboarding new sales reps

Your process for welcoming members to your team has a major impact.

Onboarding sales reps is important! It delivers the training and coaching your team needs to become trusted advisers and effective sellers. It’s my personal goal as an Avon team leader to make sure that all the members of my team reach their goals as well.

Being in leadership and creating a team means more income, but also more responsibility.

Making it to Bronze Ambassador level is the first stepping stone in building a successful Avon business.

You need to have 3 team members that place an order during a two week campaign, have personal sales of $200 and team sales of $1,000. So, in order to grow your team and the subsequent sales levels, you need to build a strong team that knows how the business works right from the start.

Learn how to onboard new sales reps

Use the onboarding tips outlined here and it will transform your Avon business:

1. When a new Representative joins your team make her/him feel welcome and don’t assume anything! They likely only have a vague idea about what they’ll be selling and how it works.

If you have a Facebook group page introduce your new rep so they can be made to feel part of the team. Use the unit section of your group page to share resources and learning tools.

2. Ask for her permission to post Avon’s Daily Care bundle on their personal Facebook page. This is the greatest selling tool Avon provides for new sales reps. Make sure to include your new team members online store address.

The online store address for each of your team members is available in YourAvon.com under the ‘Vibe’ section. If it’s not set up yet, call, text or email and help her/him set it up.

Below is the text and picture I use:

Daily Care Bundle for onboarding new Avon sales reps

Hey Friends! I am so excited to welcome _____________ to our Avon Family!

She is excited to kick off her new business as YOUR Personal Avon Representative! Please take a minute to check out her Avon store at: www.youravon.com/_____________

There’s Free Shipping on $40+ orders! Use promo code: WELCOME10 for 10% OFF your purchase! Plus, make sure to check out her amazing Grand Opening Sale, the Daily Care Collection Bundle for under $20!

Avon Onboarding Sales Reps Tools

3. Ask your new team members to write hand written lists of people they know. By the way, a hand written list brings focus. Next, explain to them how to build their business from this list of people by getting referrals, helpers and possibly new team members.

Don’t forget to show your team members how much money they can earn with the Kickstart Bonus – Earn $1,000 in 90 Days.

4. Encourage them to order extra brochures. Always! I’m a firm believer that brochures are the way to build your Avon business online and face to face.

Experience has shown that most of the time when a Representative continues to order only 10 brochures per campaign, their business stays small and sales remain inconsistent.

We order a minimum of 10 bundles or 100 brochures every campaign and have grown our own business exponentially. Visit the Avon Rep Resources page for brochure prices and marketing tools.

Share information with your customers

5. Encourage your new Reps to invest in their business with training! Avon provides a free online learning tool! Avon U is a fun, interactive training center with ‘bite-sized’ lessons that are easily understood.

Take a look at my 10 Words New Avon Reps need to know

Have your new team member start out by earning their orientation badge and encourage them to continue to check into Avon U and earn badges. For successful team building, take the Alma and Vibe classes (opt in if you’re not eligible yet). You will need these resources as your business grows.

Use the notes in the ‘Note Section’ within the Vibe program so that phone calls, emails, etc. are not duplicated. As your team grows these notes will become increasingly beneficial to you.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

6. Include mentorship information for the new Representatives. If you are not using the mentor-ship templates for emails and texts for your new team members, I encourage you to do so.

The templates are located in the VIBE Resource Library.

7. Mail ‘Welcome Packets’ to all your new team members. 

I include a welcome card with my contact information, a current brochure and tips on managing their Avon business. Bonus information includes the career & compensation plan for team building and how to add a team member to their own Avon team.

Learn more about Avon’s Leadership Incentive Program.

Do you have questions about onboarding new sales reps? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Wendy on November 2, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    Hi — do you have the mentorship emails and templates that you could send to me? Now that I update to Avon 2.0 those scripts are no longer there!! If you would share that info with me I would greatly appreciate it!

    • Silke Jager on November 4, 2018 at 4:49 pm

      Hi Wendy, I’m sorry about the late reply. Please check your email in a little while for the templates.

      • Silke Jager on November 6, 2018 at 11:55 am

        Hello Wendy, I hope you received the email I sent you a couple of days ago.

        I also just realized that the onboarding mentorship email templates are now part of the eCards you can send out via the VIBE platform. They have beautiful images within them so I think you will like them.

        Good luck with your Avon business!

  2. Sabrina on November 4, 2018 at 5:09 pm

    Yay! I just added my first team member. Wow, thank you for your tips, this will help me a lot. I am so excited!!!

    • Silke Jager on November 5, 2018 at 12:50 pm

      Congratulations Sabrina! I am very happy and excited for you.

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