No More AVON Brochure Effective Dates

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Avon does listen to their sales force from time to time.

No more Brochure Effective Dates! Yes, Avon heard you! They listen to what their Representatives want and are open to making changes. Can you say the same about the company you work for?

Brochure Effective Dates

Beginning in Campaign 18, starting August 8th, 2018, Avon will no longer print the brochure effective dates on the back of the campaign brochures.

Personally, I use stickers on the back of my brochures, with my contact information and the link to my online store, so I simply cover the brochure dates.

In the past few weeks I did hear a lot of grumbling that many Reps, especially the ones that have been with Avon for a long time, didn’t like having the brochure effective dates on the back cover.

Avon Brochure effective dates will be eliminated

In a statement released in May, on the representative website, they stated the following. “We understand these dates may have resulted in last-minute orders from your customers and lots of last-minute order submissions to place at the close of each Campaign. Remember, the early bird gets the benefits when it comes to Campaign ordering.

Avon Rep Tips

Don’t Forget to Order Brochures
You never know when you’ll meet a new customer or a potential new recruit, where the opportunity to introduce Avon and our products will pop up! Stock up on new brochures each Campaign so you’re never left empty-handed when you’re out and about.

Visit my Resources page to find current brochure prices, important Avon Product Numbers, brochure mailing tips and more.

Don’t forget to put your contact information on the back of each brochure and be sure to include your online store for convenient ordering.

Share Your Online Brochure 
Share your virtual brochures (campaign brochures as well as outlet and specialty brochures) with your customers online. Add the links to your online brochures in a text, email, or include it in a social post. You can find the “BROCHURE” link at the top of your Online Store.

Silke Jager's Avon Store home page

Simply click on the BROCHURE tab, click on the campaign brochure you want to share and copy/paste the link. Share it with your customer and potential online shoppers on a regular basis.

Connect With New Customers Daily

Make connections with customers and future team members every day. Outreach, or prospecting, is a big part of your business. Remember, our BOSS Life best practice is 5 x 5—that’s 5 meaningful contacts a day, 5 days a week.

Learn more about recruiting successfully and find recruiting ideas to help you grow your team.

Take a look at our current Avon Brochure for time-tested makeup & skin care, trendy and fashionable clothes, shoes & jewelry, inspiring home decor and the new Espira health & wellness line of supplements. Send me an email to learn more about my Avon network marketing opportunity.

In conclusion, Avon listens to their sales force!

They added a brochure effective date to the back of their Avon campaign brochures in early May. After getting negative feedback from numerous Reps. they decided to remove the dates. Thank you for listening Avon!


After a few months Avon decided to remove the brochure dates again since enough Representatives complaint about it. Ha! You just can’t please everybody, all the time.

When’s the last time you looked at an Avon brochure? Leave me a comment below.

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