New Rep Business & Brochure Tips

Business & Brochure Tips For New Avon

Learn how to effectively use your brochures without spending a ton of money.

Avon brochures are the backbone of every Avon business! The Avon catalogs/brochures are your store front and by delivering them to your customers you present a purchasing opportunity for yourself!

Catalogs = Sales

Starting an Avon business is very inexpensive compared to almost every other business opportunity available these days. Get your own Avon starter kit filled with everything you need to get your business going.

Avon Brochures

Avon has a new brochure for every campaign, which lasts 2 weeks. A campaign always starts and ends on a Tuesday and there are 26 campaigns in a year.

To continue to make sales on a regular basis, after your first three campaigns, new Avon Representatives need to invest in brochures to show off the multitudes of products available.

Avon is a very innovative company! They always add new & exciting products to their line-up. Without the current brochures, you and especially your customers, would never find out about these products.

Encourage your customers to share their printed materials with friends and family!

Share information with your customers

Keep your budget as low as possible!

When you first start out, don’t worry about ‘stuffing your brochures’ with samples or spending money on expensive stamps or stickers.

Simply write your name, contact information and online store extension on the back of your Avon brochures!

For example… ‘Find me at‘, write your own store extension after the slash. It’s whatever name you choose when you signed up to become an Avon rep.

Watch our video on how we present our brochures without spending a lot of money, then scroll down for more business tips.

It takes money to make money!

You don’t have to use stickers on your brochures, it just helps to draw the eye to your sales message. Personalizing your brochures helps to make a connection with your potential customers. You could also use a piece of paper and either staple it to the front or back, or insert it into the brochure.

Find brochure prices, Avon marketing tools and the link to purchase brochure mailer bags on our Avon Rep Resources page.

So far, Nick and I have used all the money we’ve made with Avon and stuck it back into the business. Of course, you don’t have to do that, but at a bare minimum, you need to order at least a few brochures every campaign. It’s also a good idea to keep one brochure per campaign for yourself. They will come in handy if you ever get a question about an older product or a return item.

For the best chance of getting an order from every brochure, you need to try to get a contact name and phone number when you hand over a brochure. Give your customer a day or two to browse the catalog and then contact him or her to see if they’re ready to place an order.

Don’t feel bad! Most people appreciate a follow-up call! If they don’t, take them off your call list and move on.

Hand out your brochures to customers and local businesses. Everyone is a potential customer or new recruit!

Bring brochures when you go to the following businesses:

  • Your Bank
  • Post office
  • Grocery Store
  • Babysitter or School
  • Dentist, Doctor or Physical Therapist
  • Hair dresser, nail or tattoo studio
  • Flower shop or any other business you visit

Business & Brochure Tips For New Avon

Avon Brochures

Keep brochures in your car, purse or book bag. No brochures, no business! It’s that simple. But wait… can’t I use my online store to sell Avon?

Selling Avon Online

Avon has provided all of us Reps with a very nice, easy to use, well functioning eStore. Unfortunately, most people are either not willing or not able to order Avon online.

So many people shop online for groceries, skincare, fashion and household goods on a daily basis. For some reason, something is holding them back from ordering Avon online. Maybe its Avon’s shipping charges or maybe people are just so used to having a personal representative.

Either way, making online sales isn’t as easy as it looks!

It takes time to create a connection with people online. You have to build their trust, refresh customer’s memory on how great Avon products are and why they should buy through you.

Learn how to get customers on Facebook without spending money on advertising. Don’t forget to share links to your online Avon brochures!

How many Avon brochures do you order each campaign? Leave me a comment.

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  1. Natalie Grumann on July 3, 2018 at 7:10 pm

    Great ideas! I’ve been an Avon Rep for only a few weeks now and was wondering how many brochures I should order. Thank you!!!

    • Silke Jager on July 4, 2018 at 9:01 am

      You are very welcome Natalie! Welcome to the Avon family! Be sure to order and hand out brochures regularly. I wish you much success, let me know if you have any questions along the way that you can’t find an answer for.

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