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Make profit with Avon Fundraising

It took me a while to figure out how this Avon fundraising thing works.

Avon fundraising is great way to raise money when you partner with a worthy organization. You’re not only connecting with your local community, you’re reaching new customers and boosting your potential sales and earnings as well.

Our own first Avon fundraiser was with Rory the Lion for WRAP.

With Rory we ran into a problem, we didn’t make any money for the organization and at first I couldn’t figure it out. Then I realized the error of my ways. I used a fellow Avon Reps fundraising flyer as an example, see our Rory the Lion flyer.

This Avon Rep sold 2 Rory’s for $20 (which is the actual cost of 2 Rory’s). Either she charged a fee on top of the price or she must have been willing to pay for the shipping & tax out of her own pocket.

She didn’t make any money for the organization she was fundraising for. What she did receive was Double Dollar on her fundraiser order towards her Avon sales goal. Plus, the organization most likely received a bunch of Rory’s.

Read on to learn how to make a profit with Avon Fundraisers…

How to hold a successful Avon fundraiser

Our Avon Fundraiser with Rory the Lion

Fundraising In A Perfect World

You are an Avon fundraising specialist, and you are the main contact with the leader of the organization you raise funds for. You provide advice, support and access to quality Avon products to help the organization achieve maximum results, which in most cases is cash. The organization and its volunteers are then responsible for sharing the fundraiser and making sales.

Avon fundraisers don’t always work that way.

This is especially true if you’re a brand-new Avon Rep, just learning the robes, or if you’re new to your community. You have to establish yourself as a trustworthy person and you also need to find organizations that want to work with you.

If you can prove that you can make money with your fundraisers

than more organizations will be willing to work with you.

Herbie the Hedgehog and Silke Jager

Getting Ready For Avon Fundraising

When you first start out with Avon fundraising you will probably do all the work yourself. So it’s important to be organized!

There is some planning involved to spearhead a successful Avon fundraiser.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who do you want to fundraiser for?
  • Which Avon products do you want to use for your fundraiser?
  • How much money are you trying to raise?
  • Is the organization you raise funds for tax-exempt?
  • Who pays for the shipping and handling expenses?
  • Will you use Flyers & materials provided by Avon or make your own?
  • Who will pay for the printing costs, gas, etc.?
  • How much money do YOU want to make, if any?
  • In which ways will you spread the word about your Avon fundraiser (in person, word of mouth, online, radio, etc.)?

Once you have answered all of the above questions to your satisfaction, log into account and register your fundraiser with Avon.

Get more tips for a successful Avon fundraising event and learn how to enter your fundraiser in your Avon Rep account. 

Remember, if you use Avon’s flyers and printed material you will have to add tax and a processing charge on top of the suggested price! Which I think makes it a harder sale.

To receive tax-exempt status from Avon you need:

(1) a letter on the organization letterhead stating with their tax ID stating their intention to participate in your fundraiser and

(2) copy of their state ‘Sales and Use Tax Certificate Of Exemption’.

Email your tax-exempt documents to – [email protected] and call 1-888-564-2886 after you placed your fundraising order to receive the tax credit.

Fundraising tips for Avon Reps

How I figure out Avon Fundraisers

to make extra Profit:

For example, let’s pick the Skin So Soft bundle Avon sells as a fundraiser at a suggested sales price of $25.

We receive a 50% ‘commission’ on every bundle sold. This isn’t really a commission, but a reduction in the cost we pay when we enter the fundraiser order.

Use order number #045-642 to place your Avon fundraiser order and then enter the individual product numbers.

When you place your fundraising order you will get charged $12.50 per Skin So Soft bundle you sell PLUS a shipping fee and state tax. 

So, in order to earn extra profit for the organization you have to add a little extra money to the fundraiser. Personally, I think it’s an easier sell to offer a bundle at a higher price, than to sell it at a lower cost and then add a bunch of fees (tax, service fee, etc.) at the end.

Skin So Soft Fundraising Products

One of the boxes of Skin So Soft products we sold during our fundraiser.

Keep It Simple

If you charge $30 for the Skin So Soft bundle instead of $25 you will have plenty of money to cover shipping costs, tax if applicable, and you create extra funds to give back to the organization.

Let’s do the math! If you sell 10 bundles of Skin So Soft products you will receive $300 from your customers.

Avon will charge you $125 plus $7 shipping (if your fundraiser is not tax exempt add your state tax) = $132.

$300 – $132 = $168 Total Profit

Now, in this example we would keep 20% ($33.60) of the profits for expenses and the organization you’re fundraising for gets the rest of the money ($134.40). That’s a nice little chunk of change, isn’t it?

Of course, the more people you can find you help you sell the products, the more profits you will make for the organization. Avon fundraising isn’t set up to make you a lot of money. Instead, you gain community involvement and a way to reach President’s Club and guaranteed 40% earning.

Most Avon Fundraisers where the organization helps out are set up as a sliding scale:

  • If the organization raises up to $500 they receive 25% of the profit
  • After they raise $501 to $1,000 they receive 30% of the profit
  • If they raise $1,001 to $1,500 they receive 35% of the profit
  • Once they raise $1,501 or more they receive 40% of the profit

Avon Reps – Learn more about fundraising here –

Do you have a questions about making a profit with Avon Fundraising? Leave me a comment below.

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