How I Almost Made Bronze Ambassador

How I almost made Bronze Ambassador with Avon

Making it to Bronze Ambassador level is one of the first goals of every Avon Rep.

Bronze Ambassador is the first level of Avon’s leadership program. The focus continues on selling consistently, but you will also start sponsoring others to join your team.

To become a Bronze Ambassador you need to have 3 team members that place an order during a two week campaign, have personal sales of $200 and team sales of $1,000. Take a look at Avon’s career and compensation plan at a glance to learn more about the different leadership levels.

I went through the Path to Bronze Leader class a few months ago and felt pretty confident that my team was on track. I love working from home and building my Avon business!

Avon Certificate For Silke Jager Avon Rep

Path To Bronze Leader

Granted, our Avon Tour de Force team is still a pretty small, all things considered. We are only in our first year of selling Avon, 12 campaigns in to be exact. But, thanks to our loyal customers and a recent Rory the Lion fundraiser, we were getting very close to achieving the personal and team sales we needed to become Bronze Ambassadors.

Did you know? Avon fundraising orders count double towards your personal and team sales. It’s a great way to build up your numbers, not just for leadership advancement, but for making President’s Club and guaranteed 40% earnings as well.

So, towards the end of the campaign we were in, I started getting calls and messages from our up-line, urging me to check our sales numbers and to place our orders. We had almost reached the $1,000 in sales and we had 3 First Generation Orders in place.

My mentor encouraged me to reach out to our down-line to make sure everyone has their goals in place and have plans to achieve them. Everyone was starting to get excited!

The Best Layed Out Plans Don’t Always Succeed

Nick, my husband and Avon business partner, and I like to encourage our new local team members by placing orders for the $20 Daily Care Bundle through them. It seems like a win/win for all of us. Our new Avon Reps earn 40% commission, plus they learn how to fill out an order form and how to place the order in their YourAvon account.

In return, we receive 7 full-sized Skin So Soft products at a reduced price. We can use them ourselves, give the products away to customers or sell them during our local Avon table events.

Unfortunately, it backfired on us this time! As you can see in the Progress Report below… 

Almost Bronze  Ambassador

Avon Bronze Ambassador - Not Quite!

88%??? What Happened?

  • On the night before the campaign ended we had 3 First Generation Orders, including our order placed with our team member.
  • The next morning we had lost our newest team member. Out of the blue she decided to resign her Avon account for personal reasons. Of course, we didn’t get credit for the order we placed through her, which was a ‘First Generation Order’.

And that is How I ALMOST made Bronze Ambassador.

So close, but no cigar, as they say! I understand if an Avon Rep doesn’t want to sell anymore, it isn’t a business that suits everybody! But, to just quit without a word of notice? I was pretty upset for a moment or two, we just missed a nice bonus. Darn!

Alright, it’s time to straighten my back and try again.

Working from home and mentoring our team members have been enjoyable. I think we’re doing a pretty good job at it, if I may say so myself. I will meet with our former Tour de Force team member one more time, to receive our products. Hopefully I will find out in person why she decided to quit.

Avon Advanced Leadership

Are you interested in Avon’s Advanced Leadership Program?

Here are three powerful benefits of being in leadership:

Enjoy financial freedom – Imagine what life would be like with unlimited earnings potential. Experience the kind of life you’ve always dreamed about for you and your family.

Empower others with the Avon Earning Opportunity – As a Sales Leader, you can enrich other people’s lives by sharing the Avon Opportunity.

Gain valuable professional skills – You’ll learn new business skills that will keep you knowledgeable and successful.

Bronze Ambassador UPDATE:

We officially made Bronze Ambassador in our 20th campaign!

This is only 10 months after we started our Avon business in November of 2017. Our Avon Tour de Force team now consists of 17 team members and we have over forty very loyal Avon customers.

Thank you to all for helping us become a Bronze Ambassador. We couldn’t have done it without our team and customers!

We Made Bronze Ambassador

Send me an email for more information on Avon’s leadership program.

Are you a Bronze Ambassador or aspire to become one? I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below.

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