Finley The Fox Fundraising

Finley the Fox Fundraising

Let’s get fundraising Avon Reps!

Do you want to up your sales while giving back to your community? Set up an Avon fundraiser! It’s easier than ever and will help with earning incentives, too!

Fundraising tips for Avon Reps

Fundraising Fun Fact:

More than half of customers shopping an online fundraiser are new to Avon and spend an average of $48 or more. Making it a perfect way to boost your earnings and score some new customers.

But don’t just take Avon’s word for it. Check out this video by Lisa Monoson to learn what your fellow Representative has to say about fundraising with Avon. She offers lots of tips as well.

Get Started

To get started, you just need to choose an organization you want to support (how about the American Cancer Society?), and Avon will help you with the rest. Learn how to make a profit with Avon Fundraising.

Avon offers tons of useful fundraising tips and training on AVON U. Log into your Rep account, click on Avon U and you can find it by searching “fundraising” at the top. Get your Avon Fundraising Specialist badge and learn about the different types of fundraisers you can choose from and the easy steps to ensure your success!

Two Finley The Fox fundraising plushies

You can also learn how to host a successful Online Avon Fundraiser in my article Online Fundraising With Avon. Or search for “fundraising” in the search bar on top or to the right and read about my own experiences with fundraising. I have learned a thing or two, and know what to do and what not to do.

Avon’s fundraiser exclusive, Finley the Fox!

Adorable Finley is available for purchase through all registered Avon fundraisers starting October 1 through December 9, 2019 (Campaigns 22-26)!

Log into YourAvon account and use the prepared flyer to start prospecting for interested organizations to fund-raise for. Finley the Fox will be available for both registered online and printed flyer fundraisers in Campaign 22 and you will earn variable commission (just like Beauty and Jewelry products).

The way your customer receives Finley depends on how you set up your fundraiser:

  • If you choose to host an online fundraiser, customers will shop through your online store and Finley will ship directly to them.
  • If you prefer to use printed flyers, you’ll place the organization’s orders on and Finleys will be shipped to you for Representative delivery

Do you have a questions about Finley the Fox fundraising? Leave me a comment below.

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