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Website analytics tips for Avon Reps

Get the most out of your Avon website.

Avon Website Analytics is very important! Every active Avon Representative has a custom website provided to them, free of charge. This website is a great tool to sell Avon products online, across the country.

You are not limited to selling Avon products to your friends, family member and neighbors any longer. Since you are able to cast such a wide net of potential online customers now, you need to learn how to track them, just like you do your local customers.

So, in order to get the most from your Avon website you will need to know certain data. How many people visit your site, where they’re coming from, which pages they visit and how long they stay on your website.

This is called ‘Analytics’ or the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. In this training article you will learn how set up your own tracking.

Two different ways to gain information about your Avon website. 

1 – Get the Website Visitor Counter

Avon rep website stat counter

StatCounter provides free hit counters you can customize. They also provide visitor tracking, web analytics and website stats for all Avon Rep website editors. Here is their step by step installation guide:

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Copy the StatCounter code
  3. Login to the YourAvon.com platform
  4. Click on ‘Web Office’ on the upper left hand
  5. Then click the ‘Edit My eStore’ icon
  6. Click the pink ‘Edit’ icon on one of the side or bottom content boxes
  7. Change it to a personal message
  8. Click the </> icon on the far right of the toolbar
  9. Paste the StatCounter code you copied earlier
  10. Save the changes

2 – Install Google Analytics

In order to use Google analytics for your Avon website analytics you will need to have a Gmail account. If you don’t have one already, you can sign up for a gmail address for free.

  • Visit the Google Analytics page to get started.  Once you have created your Analytics account you can add your Avon website.
  • Click on ‘New Account’ it will ask you ‘what would you like to track’? Click on website, then enter the following:
  • Your Account Name (Silke Jager)
  • Enter your Website Name (Silke’s Avon Store)
  • Then enter your Website URL  (https://silke.avonrepresentative.com/) Make sure to use the website URL for your store front.

Select your Category, appropriate Time Zone and recommended Data Sharing Settings. Agree to the Google Analytics terms and conditions and you will be provided with a tracking code.

It will look something like this – Tracking Code: UA-XXXXXXX-X

Copy the tracking code and log into your YourAvon.com platform.

Avon website google analytics

Click on ‘Web Office’ and ‘Edit my Online Store’.

Step 1 – Click on Advanced Options

Step 2 – Google Analytics and enter your tracking code/Google Analytics ID

Add a check mark in the box next to “I understand that Google is Responsible for the analytics and I must log in to my Google Account to access them.” and update.

That’s it! You can now log into your Google Analytics account to track all of your Avon online store activities.

Give it a couple of weeks to gather information and don’t be too upset if you don’t see a whole lot of traffic at first. It takes time to build traffic to any website, especially to a store front like your Avon website. Remember that several thousand other Avon Reps have the same resources at hand as you do.

Avon Website Analytics

It’s up to you to make your website work to your advantage! I hope this website training session has been helpful to you.

Contact me if you need additional help setting up your Avon website analytics.

How do you keep track of your website visitors? Leave me a comment below.

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