Avon Table Event Tips

Events are very important for growing your Avon business.

An Avon table event is a very easy and fun way to reach out to more customers and potential recruits. As an Avon Representative it is important that you spread the word about your small business to as many people as you can.

You can set up your Avon table event at a craft fair, a school event, your local farmers or flea market, or even in a parking lot!

All you need to get you started is a table, a table covering and various Avon products/brochures. You don’t need a huge inventory for your first event, fancy business cards or a tablecloth that says Avon on it. You can always purchase more inventory and build up your table display as your business grows.

Tips for holding a successful Avon table event

Avon table event at Jackson Meadow retirement facility in Jackson, TN.

10 Avon Table Event Tips

1 – Having your own table makes it easy for you to set up an event, where and when you want. You can purchase a lightweight, foldable table online or at your nearest department store for around $60.

2 – Use a nice, clean sheet or cloth to cover the table. The Dollar Store sells colorful plastic table cloth for $1. Once you decide to hold regular table events you can purchase a more expensive Avon table cloth or runner at Town & Country through youravon.com (click on Web Office > Avon Advantage > Go to Town & Country).

3 – Create and bring a sign-up sheet on a clipboard that includes name and contact info. Give away a small ‘door prize’ (see green bag in picture above) or a gift certificate. Be sure to follow up with everyone on the list after the event. These are great leads!

4 – Pack the Avon inventory you have on hand in easy to carry plastic totes. It’s easy to stay organized and you’re always ready for your next event.

Table Tips for Avon Events

You don’t have to accumulate a ton of products before you hold your first Avon table event.

5 – Order a $10 Beauty Abox every time a customer places a $40+ order and sell the products separately. Take advantage of campaign promos and clearance specials to build up an inventory on a limited budget. You can build a nice selection of inventory quickly without going broke. You can even bring your own personal Avon products to show your potential customers what you use.

6 – Use one or two small, empty boxes and cover them with colorful cloth. Place the boxes at the backside of the table. This is a great way to highlight a special product line or sales items.

7 – Make small gift baskets using tins, cups or whatever you can find. Include a few Avon products like shower gel and a lotion with a pretty wash cloth, for example.

Watch my Gift Baskets Idea video:

8 – Bring lots of Avon brochures and a couple of the free Avon order books (Prod. #464-734). It’s better to bring too many, than to run out of brochures or order sheets half way through your event. If you have it in your budget you should also bring plenty of business cards to hand out, recruiting cards, samples and of course spare change. I usually start out with about $60 in ones, fives and tens.

9 – Dress professional and interact with your customers. Bring a hand lotion or your favorite fragrance and stand IN FRONT of your table. Offer a lipstick or foundation samples to anyone interested in Avon’s make-up. Remember to smile and be friendly to everyone! Say hello, ask them how they are, compliment them, invite them to look at your table. Simply visit with people by asking questions and listen to what they say!

10 – You must follow up. Let me repeat, you must follow up!

The fortune of a successful table event is in the follow up.  

It’s up to you to make your Avon business successful! I hope these Avon table event tips have been helpful to you.

Do you do Table Events for your business? Leave a comment below .

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