Avon Offers Scholarships

Learn about Avon's Scholarship Program

Did you know Avon offers scholarships, exclusive benefits and discounts?

Avon offers scholarships so you can be a Top Scholar. All active Avon Representatives are eligible to receive the 2018 New Avon LLC Scholarship*. That’s just one more reason to join my team and start your own Avon business. Furthermore, you’ll be able to help your family members.

Current Reps can learn more by reading the flyer: “Avon and Capella Partnership” found in YourAvon Rep account.

Avon offers scholarships

Avon gives beauty a purpose: to empower women everywhere.

Now, in partnership with Capella University, Avon is supporting their Reps with educational benefits, because they want you to be the best you can be. These benefits are designed to help you keep moving your career—and life—in the right direction.

The program for Avon Representatives and Children/Grandchildren of President’s Recognition Program Representatives opens in March.

Learn more about this year’s program and how you, or your family, could be awarded a one‑time scholarship for education. There are one-time $4,000 (full-time students) and $2,000 (part-time students) scholarships available.

Are you a current Avon Rep? Log into YourAvon.com > Avon Advantage and submit an application between March 26 and April 26 for the chance to be awarded.

*Awards are nonrenewable, however, students may reapply to the program each year. A student may receive a maximum total of four (4) awards.

Avon provides a variety of products and services to Independent Avon Representatives at a superior value.

Sell Avon and Make Your Dreams Come True

AVON also offer the following benefits and discounts:

  • Discounted rates on Dell computers and laptops.
  • Discounts on cell phone service, mobile broadband wireless cards for laptops and equipment from Sprint.
  • T-mobile offers discounts on voice, data and WiFi services.
  • Competitive rates and discounts through MetLife Auto & Home’s insurance program.
  • Special Offers for Avon Representatives from Staples, Town & Country & Avery.
  • Health Insurance, Direct Seller Liability, Dental, Vision and more.

Contact me if you have any questions about how Avon offers Scholarships, especially if you’re a new Avon Rep.

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