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How to sayHow to say Thank You to your customers

Find new ideas to show your customers you care!

Customer appreciation ideas are an important part of your Avon business. What are some creative ways to thank your customers for their loyalty and show them that you appreciate their business?

There are lots of things you could do to thank your customers.

A few customer appreciation ideas for Avon reps, or any small business for that matter.

Be sure to leave me a comment below if you have your own customer appreciation ideas to add.

  • Hold an Open House/Customer Appreciation party!

Invite all of your customers, it’s a good idea to invite lots of people because they probably will not all show up. You could offer them a gift if they bring a friend. Have snacks and drinks, this doesn’t have to be to fancy.

Simply offer your guests some refreshments while you show off all of your favorite products.

Avon Open House

Our Valentine’s Open House Party 

A lot of Avon reps have a prize drawing at their parties, usually it’s a basket full of samples, skin care or any of your favorite products that are on sale. When you’re presenting your Avon products, don’t forget to ask if anyone would like to join your Avon team as well. Parties are a great opportunity for leadership reps to find new Avon Sales Reps.

  • Appreciate your customers during the Holidays!

Do something nice for your customers around the holidays. It will be a busy time for you, but do make an effort. For example, Christmas is a good time to make up little gift bags for your customers.

You could fill a gift bag with the following:

  • a Christmas card
  • maybe a few of the low-cost Christmas themed Avon products like lip balms, hand creams and mini bubble baths
  • include a current brochure
  • information about the Avon business opportunity

For your best customers you might want to treat them to a full sized product or something that they really like. Look at your customer’s invoices to get ideas on what they like.

There are a ton of great, inexpensive little gift bags and gift boxes you can find online or at any Dollar/craft store. 

You can also decorate your Avon shipping boxes (the ones you receive your products in) with ribbon and other gift wrappings you find at your local discount store.

BE CREATIVE and always keep your store receipts from anything relating to your business. You will be glad you did around tax time.

More Customer Appreciation Ideas

Hold a Raffle or Drawing every few months.

These raffles or drawings could be holiday themed, seasonal (back to school, spring, summer, etc.), or some kind of special event. For instance, June is Men’s Health Month.

As an example: For everyone who purchases a men’s product in June, they get their name entered into a prize drawing of an Espira Men’s Daily Essentials multi-vitamin pack. Use your imagination! After you start doing drawings, people will begin to look forward to them.

Hand Out Samples!

Everyone loves free samples. If you have a samples on hand, use them! You could make a few ‘Sample Brochures’ for your favorite customers by taping samples to the brochure pages.

Anew skincare samples are great for showing your customers the best new skin care products.

Write a note about your ‘stuffed sample brochure’ and offer a coupon, discount, or free gift if they purchase something that they tried from a sample.

Appreciate your customers with free samples

Samples are Great to spread the word about a new product!

Start a ‘Sample of the Month Club’.

Invite your customers to participate in your sample of the month club. You give them a different sample and a special offer every month. Try to pick samples that are featured products in the campaign you’re working on and only offer the special to your Sample Club members.

When you deliver their sample, don’t forget to include a product description, the benefits and key ingredients list. Don’t forget to FOLLOW UP with ALL of your Sample Club members!

You are wasting your time and money if you don’t call your customers to follow up with them.

How to make your own samples if you have full bottles of products.

Visit your local craft store, or shop online to  find cute little glass bottles with lids, or anything else you think would work. Fill up the little bottles with shower gel, scented bubble bath or lotion and label them.

You can find these perfect plastic sample containers on my Avon Rep Resources page:

Samples are a great resource

Decorate your sample bottles or containers with some ribbon and a gift tag, and give these out to your customers to try out. Be sure to add your contact information! 

This works well to demonstrate new products that you can purchase from your “What’s New”. You could give them to people to try out before they’re offered in your customer’s Avon brochure. You could call it your own ‘Preferred Preview Product‘.

Customer appreciation ideas by Google

Customer Appreciation Idea by Google

Customer appreciation ideas generally work for any business, but some are better suited for small businesses selling products with a shorter shelf-life. Here’s one:

Have a ‘Trade In Sale’.

Ask your customers to trade in their old makeup items in exchange for a discount on new makeup that they will purchase from you. You could also offer a rebate on their next Avon order, if its over $25 or $40, for every item they trade in.

When-to-Toss-It Timeline:

  • Every season: Toss your mascara and liquid liner
  • Every six months: Toss your skin-care regimen, sunscreens, and liquid foundation
  • Every year: Toss your hair products (except hairspray)
  • Every two years: Toss your powder-based cosmetics (such as pressed powder and shadows), lipsticks, and nail polishes

A trade in sale is a great way to boost sales any time of the year!

Can you think of other customer appreciation ideas? Leave me a comment below.

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