4 Money Saving Tips For Avon Reps

Never too early to save money with Avon.

I hope this finds you well and stirs profitable, money making ideas.

Let’s talk about four of your Avon’s President’s Recognition Program perks.  Shipping, demos, demo limits and rebates. 

Today, right now, you can place a demo order for any item in the What’s New book.  Let’s say, you use those demos along with the current Avon Brochure and take “Pre-Orders” for the demo selection purchased… 

Save on Shipping

What would it look like if you placed two orders in the current campaign and save $9 in shipping cost? An Avon LG/Holiday demo order today and then your regular order at the normal time? Looking at the cart below… you could possibly be saving $9 in shipping costs with this strategy. 

Avon shipping fee schedule

I assume most Avon Reps are aware that the second order of the Campaign ships for FREE when over $500.  But we never assume, instead we always ask right? Let’s say the first demo order is $148.00 and your regular campaign order is $1,000.  This would be saving $9 in shipping!  That’s a WIN!! 

Demo Limits. 

Each PRP Title comes with its own limit for demos. See the chart below.

Order demos up to the limit for your level: 

  • McConnell Club and Above: 15
  • Rose Circle: 10
  • Honor Society: 5
  • President’s Club: 3
  • Don’t forget you can mix and match sizes, colors and varieties. The What’s New book is always full of Unrestricted Demos. What an opportunity!

Demos are a great way to take “Pre-Orders” for a hot selling items or a high volume selling seasons like Christmas.  When you are accepting “Pre-Orders” it makes the item a HOT purchase.  Customers get excited! The product isn’t even in the brochure yet, but they need it NOW and you can get it for them! 

Lastly, demo rebates. 

Always check your Award Sales before submitting the last order of the Campaign.  How close to the next earnings and rebate level are you?? 

Avon order sizes and demo rebates

I hope this helps your business become even more profitable this holiday season. Or this may be a strategy you already use?   

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you have any questions. 

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