3 Ways To Make Money With Avon

Learn how to make money with Avon

There are several different ways to make money with Avon.

To make money with Avon we suggest you work all three of the ways for the biggest impact in your business! It takes time to learn the ins and out of this business, and it will not be easy. But, with determination and consistency, you will become a successful, money making Avon Representative.

It’s important to stay positive in this business.

There will be ups and downs while you build your Avon business. It’s no different than anything else in life. Believe in yourself and in your ability to become the best Avon Rep there is. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me and your fellow Reps with questions and concerns. Determination, Consistency and Believe In Yourself!

How To Make Money With AVON

1) Face-To-Face Selling Product

Face to face is the traditional way of making money with Avon. You talk to your family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers and everyone you meet in person. You can go door-to-door if you want and toss brochures in driveways. This is something I personally don’t find appealing, therefore I don’t do it.

Instead, I always have a brochure or two in my purse to hand out, as well as business cards and small product samples. When people ask “What do you do?” answer proudly… “I have an Avon business! Would you like to see a brochure?

Local Avon table events work great to sell not only the products you have on hand, you can also showcase the products you use yourself, sell products to include in your next order, and make a ton of connections with potential customers and fellow vendors.

The key is to find ways to get your brochures and contact information into the hands of potential customers. Ask for your potential customers contact information in return, so you can follow up with them on a regular basis.

The campaign brochures are your store front!

Avon campaign brochures are part of a successful business strategy.

You will earn between 20 – 50% commission on your product sales, depending on your sales level and the size of your campaign order.

Learn more about Avon brochures.

2) Online Store Sales

Every Avon Representative has their own online storefront, for example, see my Avon store here.

Sending customers to your online store is the second way to make money with Avon.

Your customers browse your online store, click on the products they want, add them to their shopping card, check out and Avon will do the rest. All you have to do is send them a hand-written Thank-You card or email, and of course, be available if your customer has a question.

Beautiful Blue and Gold Thank You Card

With online Avon orders you don’t have to ask for money, you don’t have to bag the products and you don’t have to deliver the order.

Getting your customers to order via your online store is an easy way to make money. You will make 25% commission on your online sales.

Learn more about Social Media marketing.

3) Leadership Program

The third way to make money with Avon is to become a team leader like myself. This is the most lucrative way to make money, the most rewarding and the most time consuming. With leadership you sign up your friends and potential recruits under you. Yes, it sounds like a pyramid and it is, but so is every other business!

Business hierarchy

With Avon Leadership you build a team and you support & mentor your team members. That in return will create a big business for you.

You receive a bonus if your new team member places and pays for a $150+ order in his or her first or second campaign. You will also receive a percentage of the team sales for each qualified recruit.

Learn more about Avon’s Leadership Incentive Program.

Of course, none of it is going to happen overnight. That’s why you should work all three ways to make money with Avon.

It will take time and effort on your part to build your successful Avon business!


I am here to help you, but can’t run your business for you. To get started on the best footing you need to learn about Avon’s products, practices, procedures & policies!

The best way to do this is via AVON U FREE online training classes

accessible through the YourAvon.com platform.

New Avon Reps continue here >>

Log Into YourAvon account

Click the link above and sign in with your 8 digit Avon Account# and the password you created when you signed up. Call the customer care center at 866-513-2866 if you have trouble getting logged in.

The link for ‘Avon U Training’ is on the top of the page. Have fun learning and earning your badges!

Do you have questions on how to make money with Avon? Leave me a comment below.

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