Espira By Avon Supplements

Espira By Avon Supplements

Espira By Avon is the new health & wellness line of products.

Espira by Avon supplements a customized line of all-natural supplements and vitamins focusing on supporting your natural energy by taking all of your lifestyle needs into consideration.

The Espira line of supplements is broken up into 3 core groups:

Boost, Glow and Restore

Espira supplements have been formulated with the highest-quality ingredients that are naturally sourced from whole foods. Find out which supplements your body needs by taking this Vitamin Finder Quiz.

My husband Nick and I have tried all of the Espira By Avon supplements ourselves and we take the multi-vitamins and drink plant power protein shakes daily. They have truly made a difference in our lives!

Nick’s Dad swears by the ‘Restful Sleep’ supplements, he says he now gets the best sleep in years.

Espira by Avon Supplements

Read on for my Espira Health & Wellness product guide:

Natural supplements from Espira by Avon

Espira by Avon’s BOOST

The Boost supplements system will kick-start a better you in only 30 days. The system includes Ideal Cleanse, a very gentle, non-disruptive 3 day cleanse. Plant Protein Powders which are available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors to keep you feeling full and satisfied longer. The system also includes a bottle of the Natural Energy and Hunger Block.

Helps stimulate your metabolism
and burn more calories.

Increase your energy
and mental focus.

Reduce your food cravings for
hours and feel fuller, longer.

Silke is drinking Espira by Avon's protein powder

Espira by Avon’s GLOW

Espira’s Glow system is a hair, skin and nail supplement that has been designed for a beautiful you, inside and out. The AM pills and PM powder packets are easy to take and have been proven to work. I can attest to that! My hair was starting to thin and my nails were very brittle before taking the Glow products, not any more.

Fight UV exposure with

Helps enhance skin’s elasticity and overall
appearance for a youthful, radiant look.

Help rebuild beautiful hair, skin and nails
with naturally sourced ingredients.

Espira By Avon Supplements testimonial for the glow system

Testimonial from a fellow Avon Rep – Her hair is fuller and skin looks brighter.

Espira by Avon’s Restore

Optimize your overall health with Restore products by Avon. When the days get really hectic and your plate is full, you may feel a little off-balance. Restore products will help you relax both your body and mind. It will bring back your focus and give you the stamina to keep moving forward. Choose from Multi-Vitamins and Daily Essentials for Men, Women and Women 40+. Espira also offers an all natural calming product and sleep aid.

Relax from the stress of everyday life
while maintaining an alert state of mind.

Contains 100% of the daily value
of 19+ vitamins and minerals.

Sleep well
and wake up refreshed.

The magic of Espira happens when the supplements your body needs are taken together, on a consistent basis.

Espira Health & Wellness

Experience a whole body transformation yourself! Send me a message, text or email today to learn more, because Espira is only available through Avon. Give it a try and experience it for yourself.

Ask me about Avon’s auto-replenish program. It eliminates the need to order products every month and ensures you never run out. You can cancel any time!

Send me an email if you have any questions about Avon’s line of all-natural supplements.

Do you take daily supplements? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Trudy Barry on July 6, 2019 at 9:20 pm

    I am an Avon rep and I’m trying to find out how to take all the products together. I’m not sure what to take in the morning, what to take in the evening and what goes together. I haven’t found anywhere that tells me that. Can you help?

    • Silke Jager on July 11, 2019 at 11:03 am

      Hi Trudy, The Espira supplements have been developed so they can be taken together without interfering with each other. The AM Protect should be taken in the morning, PM Restore and Restful Sleep should be taken at night. Everything else you can take as needed or when it’s convenient for you.

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