Velvet By Avon

Introducing the newest fragrance by Avon.

The new Velvet by Avon is a long-lasting scent that is lush, warm and decadent. Velvet Eau de Perfum was developed by perfumer Gabriela Chelariu and first introduced to us and our fellow Avon Reps during Repfest 2018 in Columbus, OH.

In the past, Miss Chelariu has developed iconic scents like ‘Glow After Dark’ for Jennifer Lopez and Harajuku Loves Sunshine for Gwen Stefani.

Ms Chelariu knows how to make the most of her budget and has received stellar reviews for her perfume creations. Have you used any of her scents yet? Leave me a comment below.

Now, lets get back to Avon’s new perfume. Many Reps agree… “Velvet smells like a hundred bucks!

Velvet perfume

Velvet By Avon

According to online perfume reviewers like Mark Behnke, Velvet by Avon is the best perfume Gabriela Chelariu has produced to date.

The Scent of Velvet

Velvet is a luxurious blend of the world’s finest ingredients:

  • Top Note – Fig and Pomegranate from the Mediterranean coastline
  • Middle Note – Rose from Bulgaria
  • Bottom Note – Velvet Patchouli from Java

These wonderfully exotic ingredients create an elegant and long-lasting fragrance that captivates with its femininity. Velvet is sophisticated and luxurious, yet sensuous! It is being offered in an opulent 1.7 oz. glass bottle topped with a beautiful velvet cap.

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The Velvet Collection

For a limited time you will be able to purchase the Velvet fragrance set for only $30. The set includes a full-sized bottle of Velvet Eau de Perfume, Velvet Body Lotion and Velvet Pearl Shower Lotion.

Velvet perfume set

The Velvet By Avon Perfume Collection

Velvet Body Lotion

Soften your skin as you discover the sophisticated yet sensuous scent featuring a luxurious blend of luscious fig, sumptuous rose and warm patchouli.

• Provides 24 hours of moisturization
• Creamy texture
• Absorbs quickly
• Leaves skin feeling conditioned
• Lightweight
• Non-sticky and non-greasy
• Suitable for use on hands
• Mild and gentle
How to Use
Smooth generously all over body as desired.

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Velvet Pearl Shower Gel

Luxuriously hydrate your skin as you discover the sophisticated yet sensuous scent. Velvet features a blend of luscious fig, sumptuous rose and warm patchouli. The pearlized shower gel cleanses and refreshes, leaving your skin feeling smooth and beautifully scented.

Velvet is now also available in a decadent Bath Bomb!

• Creates a rich, creamy lather
• Gently cleanses
• Rinses easily
• Non-drying
• Mild and gentle
• Suitable for everyday use
How to Use
Pour a small amount onto a wet washcloth, pouf or directly into hand. Lather, then rinse.

Valued at $54, this fragrance collection is rich with possibilities… indulge in the bold sensuality of Velvet. Lush, warm and decadent.

Velvet is the perfect scent for the upcoming Holiday season!

The Velvet fragrance set will make a wonderful Holiday gift idea!

As part of the Velvet collection, Avon also offers a beautiful collection of Velvet fashion and jewelry. Crush on velvet in the luxurious Velvet Gala Dress with cold-shoulder detail and ruffle wrap details. Available for a limited time only!

Crush On Velvet For The Holidays

Avon’s Velvet Gala Dress is perfect for your holiday parties

Not into Velvet from head to toe? Add a Velvet Choker with a Luxe Garnet charm to accentuate your beautiful neckline. Or… How about a pair of Velvet Bow Slides to complete your favorite fall and winter outfits?

Crushed-velvet slides with pointy toe and an oversize bow detail. Cushion walk heel pads and a comfortable 2.25 inch heel will make these velvet beauties your go to shoes for the upcoming Holiday season. Available in sizes 6 – 11, for a limited time only.

Start your Holiday Shopping Today:

Shop the Velvet Collection

I do love the classy feel of velvet on my skin and the smell of Avon’s new Velvet Eau de Perfum reminds me of it, it’s simply superb. But, Velvet is not a scent for everyone.

For instance, my daughters favorite perfume in the world is Avon Prima Noir! She’s in her mid-twenties and will not even consider using any other perfume.

Have you smelled Velvet Avon’s newest fragrance yet? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Nancy on October 9, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    Hi Silke, I met you at your Avon event last weekend and placed an order for the Velvet set. Will I have it by the end of the month? Can’t wait to try out the pearl shower gel. The perfume smells amazing! Love your website by the way.

    • Silke Jager on October 9, 2018 at 5:20 pm

      Hi Nancy, Thank you! It was very nice to meet you as well. Yes, your Velvet order will arrive by the middle of next week. I will call you as soon as I have it in hand.

      Do let me know how you like the body lotion and shower gel. I know you already love the perfume.

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