New Naked Proof Body Care Products

New body care products for women

Avon offers a new line of body care products.

Naked Proof body care products will visibly banish cellulite, stretch marks and firm your skin in just weeks! 3 different products to target your specific trouble areas.

Do you notice sagging skin on your arms or belly? Are your stretch marks getting worse over time? Yes, even young women can get them from growing too fast. Did you know? Approximately 90% of adult women have cellulite, even those in their 20’s.

Not to worry! I’ve got you covered. We have a lotion, gel or cream for that!

SPECIAL OFFER for a limited time: NakedProof Body Care – 2 for $20 

Body care products for a beautiful YOU!
Amazing New Body Care Products by Avon

The #NakedProof line of body products will help you put your best body forward.

Smooth Moves

Avon’s best anti-cellulite treatment since Cellu-Scult! 98% of women saw an improvement in just 2 weeks. This anti-cellulate cooling gel will dramatically reduce the look of even the most persistent cellulite.

You can feel it working instantly!

Smooth Moves is an amazing gel that targets cellulite for visibly smoother skin and improved texture. L-Carnitine and Chai Hu target fat cells which reduces the look of cellulite.

Smooth moves anti-cellulite cooling gel  for visible results.
WOW! #NakedProof

Affirm Yourself

Caffeine complex is the basis for this firming body cream. It stimulates natural collagen production to visibly firm your skin. 96% of women showed improvement in firmness and tone of their abdomen and hip area.

Don’t let sagging skin on your arms or belly get you down. Affirm Yourself is clinically proven to banish crepe skin! It is suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

Try this amazing body cream and see results in just 4 weeks.

Affirm yourself firming body lotion.
A powerful body care product!

Beauty starts from the inside out!

Find the secret to noticeably firmer skin and stronger hair and nails. Be ready for your best summer ever with my Beauty Secret with Espira.

End Of The Line

Stop stretch marks in their tracks, right now! Avon’s new stretch mark minimization lotion diffuses the look of marks in just 2 weeks. Visibly improving your skins elasticity and suppleness.

Everyone can get stretch marks! I have them on my belly. Do you have stretch marks? Leave me a comment below.

Women of all ages and skin tones have stretch marks.

End of the Line stretch mark lotion offers shea butter and pomegranate extract to stimulate natural elastin production for visibly reduced stretch marks. This is truly a must-have body care product for every woman since pregnant women aren’t the only ones who have stretch marks.

Naked Proof body care products by Avon.

SPECIAL OFFER for a limited time: NakedProof Body Care – 2 for $20 

Try out one or all of Avon’s new #NakedProof body care products for powerful results. Every body is beautiful in its own way!

With our NakedProof body care products you will be able to put your best body forward, just in time for spring break or your upcoming summer vacation.

Which skin troubles are you ready to tackle? Leave me a comment below.

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