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Learn how to make money with Avon

3 Ways To Make Money With Avon

Aug 28, 2018

There are several different ways to make money with Avon. To make money with Avon we suggest you work all three of the ways for the biggest impact in your business! It takes time to learn the ins and out of this business, and it will not be easy. But,…

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Social Media tips for small business owners

Social Media Success Tips

Aug 27, 2018

Promoting your small business on social media is a learning process! Check out these social media success tips to drive sales and take your business to the next level. We all have to start somewhere! Let’s start by thinking of yourself as an “influencer”. Someone who is able to influence…

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Fall For Paris Fashion Collection

Aug 23, 2018

Just in time for Fall, limited edition fashion collection inspired by the romantic streets of Paris. Fall For Paris is a wonderful fashion collection with beautiful heavier tweed and ponté fabrics. These mix and match pieces offer seasonal colors and prints perfect for autumn. All of the Avon specials and…

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Tips for small business owners.

Small Business Success Formulas

Aug 20, 2018

Learn how to make success happen for you! Small business success will come from you and the choices you make! No one else will do it for you. If you are a business minded person that wants to succeed, then you work hard and want the best, for yourself and…

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How to boost your energy levels

How To Boost Your Energy Levels Naturally

Aug 15, 2018

Five natural ways to boost your energy levels. Learn how to boost your energy levels if you’re feeling sluggish and tired during the day. Being a small business owner, entrepreneur and/or a stay-at-home mom can be very stressful. A busy lifestyle will drain your energy, especially if you don’t eat healthy…

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3 Common Advertising Mistakes

3 Common Advertising Mistakes You Must Avoid

Aug 13, 2018

Learn about online advertising and common mistakes. Common advertising mistakes are easy to overcome when you know what you are doing. Creating valuable online ads can be tricky, but it certainly isn’t impossible! My good friend and fellow online marketer, Jeff Meland, has been guiding small business owners through the…

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YourAvon 2.0 Updates

Aug 9, 2018

Learn about the new Avon Representative platform. YourAvon 2.0 is the brand-new office platform for Avon Reps. It was released for everyone to use on August 9th, 2018. Avon truly has come a long way from having their Reps. fill out paper forms with carbon copies that had to be…

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Unlimited Eyelash and Brow Serum by Avon

Unlimited Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum

Aug 6, 2018

Introducing Avon’s new unlimited eyelash & brow serum. I’ve been waiting for the new eyelash growth serum for weeks and finally got to start using it last week. Avon’s Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes & Brow Activating Serum promises lush eyelashes that are longer and fuller. Plus, this all-natural serum also works for your…

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Learn about Repfest 2018 - What's new & exciting with Avon

Repfest 2018 Recap

Aug 2, 2018

Avon’s Repfest in 2018 revealed a ton of exciting information! I’m always trying to find ways to connect with my team. As an Avon Rep it’s important to build a strong team and to have everyone on the ‘same page’. Scroll down to read the letter I wrote to my…

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